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(RefID: 00026B2A)
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Location Vindasel
Race Wood Elf Gender Female
Level 50 Class Warrior
RefID 00026B2A BaseID 00026B1B
Other Information
Health 394 Magicka 172
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Umbra (the person) attacking with Umbra (the sword)

Umbra is a Wood Elf warrior who can be found in the Ayleid ruin of Vindasel. She named herself after her sword, the powerful artifact Umbra. If the story seems familiar, this is because the sword Umbra also appeared during Morrowind, along with another character who had named himself after the sword. As part of his Daedric quest, Clavicus Vile would like to get the sword back.

Years ago, Umbra's name was Lenwin, and she was apprenticed under Irroke the Wide of Pell's Gate. One day, she found Umbra, although where she located it is unknown. The sword's need for souls drove Lenwin to become bloodthirsty. Eventually, she became a mercenary, but she now appears to regret her actions and has retreated to Vindasel to prevent any further deaths.

Umbra spends all her time wandering around in the last room inside the Ayleid ruin. She never stops to even sleep or eat.


Even before the related quest, her unfriendly nature is evident as soon as you approach her:

"Get out of here while you can."

If you try to speak with her, she will not have any dialogue topics, but will say one of the following when exiting conversation:

"Umbra. It is everything."
"The blade. It hungers for souls."

If attacked, she will cry:

"Umbra shall feed!"

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Clavicus VileEdit

After you have made an offering of 500 gold to the Daedric Lord Clavicus Vile at his Shrine, he will task you with retrieving Umbra's eponymous sword:

"You will retrieve for me a sword, a very special sword. It contains the soul of Umbra, a hero I have had dealings with in the past. Bring the sword to me, and I'll reward you with my Masque. You'll not find a better bargain, mortal. Begin your search in Pell's Gate."

Head to the village and ask about the warrior to the local denizens, who will point you in the direction of Irroke the Wide:

"Umbra? You need to speak with Irroki [sic] the Wide. I've got nothing to say about Umbra."

If you track down the former warrior and ask about Umbra, he will initially be reticent:

"Aye. I know of Umbra. But you're a stranger to me, and I'm not talking."

Raise his Disposition to 60, however, and he will elaborate:

"Umbra. That's a name I haven't heard in a while. And it's not one you should be using around Pell's Gate, either. Before I go on, let's clear something up. Are you here asking about the sword or the person. Which is it?"
The sword.
"It's a powerful sword, no doubt about that. Jet black. Got a wicked edge on it, and they say it can steal a man's soul. I know of at least one soul it stole. Lenwin. She's the one who found the blasted thing. I suppose you want to hear about the person now."
The person. // Tell me about the person.
"Who is Umbra? I can tell you who Umbra used to be. Lenwin. She's my apprentice. Or at least she was, until she found that sword. Never did say where it came from. She just showed up with it one day. Said it was called Umbra. But she was different. She'd always been fair with a sword, but she began looking for fights. Became bloodthirsty. Then started calling herself Umbra, after the sword. Finally signed on with some mercenaries, but I hear that ended, too. We haven't seen her in years."
Tell me about the sword now.
"It's a powerful sword, no doubt about that. Jet black. Got a wicked edge on it, and they say it can steal a man's soul."
Where is she now?
"Can't say for sure. Some say they've seen her nearby, near the Vindasel Ruins. Might just be wishful thinking, though. If she's around, she hasn't come into Pell's Gate. Nor should she. I fear that girl is long gone. If you seek her out, take care. She's a powerful one. Or at least that sword is. I'd steer clear if I was you."

Travel to the nearby Ayleid ruins and you will find Umbra in the final room. She will greet you with:

"You risk much by speaking to me. You should leave this place. Now."
"Umbra is my blade. It is who I am. Who I was meant to be. For years, I have fed my blade the souls of man and mer. Warriors and priests, kings and paupers. Men, women, and children. All have bled for me. I have seen them all fall, and still Umbra hungers for more."
Pell's Gate
"Do not speak to me of that place! It was another lifetime. It was before I became what I am now. Perhaps they sent you to kill me? Are they worried I might come in the night and burn their village down around them? No matter. I am what I have become, and I know my fate. But what of you? What is it you seek? My death? My blade? I offer you a choice, more than I have offered most. Stay here and die, or leave now, and live your life. Speak to me again when your mind is set."

At this point, Barbas will try to encourage you to let her be and return to the Shrine empty-handed. When greeting her anew, she will press you:

"I assume you've made your choice. Umbra hungers. What shall it be?"
I'll leave in peace.
"A wise choice. I have spilled too much blood already, and though I hunger for more, spilling yours would not please me. Go now. Do not return."
We fight.
"Come, then. Try your luck. Feel the bite of Umbra."

In the first case, if you speak to her again she will dismiss you with:

"There is nothing more to say. Leave me."

In the second case, she will attack you and fight to the death with:

"Umbra will feast on your soul."


Umbra's Ebony ArmorEdit

In addition to her sword, she also wears a full suit of Umbra's Ebony Armor. Her ebony armor is actually leveled. If you are at or above level 15 (the level at which ebony armor starts to appear in regular loot), you will receive armor with statistics identical to standard Ebony Armor. Below level 15, however, the health and armor rating are actually identical to Orcish Armor. The statistics are summarized in the following table. The second columns of numbers indicate the values above level 14.

Name Object IDs        
1-14 15+ 1-14 15+ 1-14 15+
Full Set 141.75 2610 5550 55.0 60.0
Ebony Boots 0000A307 / 0000A30D 15.75 600 950 250 550 5.5 6.0
Ebony Cuirass 0000A308 / 0000A30E 52.5 1200 1900 940 1900 13.75 15.0
Ebony Gauntlets 0000A309 / 0000A30F 10.5 600 950 250 550 5.5 6.0
Ebony Greaves 0000A30A / 0000A310 31.5 900 1425 460 1000 8.25 9.0
Ebony Helmet 0000A30B / 0000A311 10.5 600 950 250 550 5.5 6.0
Ebony Shield 0000A30C / 0000A312 21.0 900 1425 460 1000 16.5 18.0

Umbra's StatisticsEdit

General Statistics
Level 50
Health 394
Magicka 172
Fatigue 338
Agility 79
Endurance 100
Intelligence 69
Luck 50
Personality 40
Speed 100
Strength 100
Willpower 59
Combat Stealth Magic
Armorer 100 Acrobatics 15 Alchemy 20
Athletics 100 Light Armor 15 Alteration 15
Blade 100 Marksman 20 Conjuration 10
Block 100 Mercantile 10 Destruction 10
Blunt 100 Security 10 Illusion 10
Hand to Hand 100 Sneak 20 Mysticism 10
Heavy Armor 100 Speechcraft 10 Restoration 10

She also has her own "Umbra's Restore" ability, which effectively allows her to heal 2 points of health per second.