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Oblivion:Morvayn's Peacemakers

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Morvayn's Peacemakers
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Proprietor Varel Morvayn
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Morvayn's Peacemakers

Morvayn's Peacemakers is an armor and weaponry store located in Anvil. It is found adjacent to the North gate, across the street from Silgor Bradus' House and next to Arvena Thelas' House.

The proprietor, Varel Morvayn, has 1200 gold, a Mercantile skill of 40 and also offers repairing services. When bartering, he will buy your weapons, armor and miscellaneous items and sell all kinds of weapons and armor. Among his wares is the unique Truncheon of Submission with Damage Fatigue and Restore Health enchantments.

The main trading room is on the ground floor and contains two sections: on the left is a counter with a display of weapons and armor while the right side is decorated to look like a forge, with an anvil, bellows and big vats of coal. Varel lives upstairs as is usual with Anvil houses and stores.

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  • Morvayn's apprentice, Enilroth, can also be found in the store. He should have been able to offer bartering and repairing services but he doesn't, due to a bug.
  • Morvayn is one of the earliest merchants in the game to offer silver weapons.
  • A handbill advertising the smithy reads: "Having trouble keeping the peace at home? Come to Morvayn's Peacemakers. One look at our maces and your neighbors will ask before taking your goat."
  • Morvayn's Peacemakers appears in ESO as Anvil Ironworks and Tannery.