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Oblivion:Umbra (sword)

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Artifact: Umbra (00026B22)
(lore page)
Type Blade; One Hand
Editor ID DAClavicusUmbraSword
Damage Damage 28
Damage Damage 28 Health Health 700
Speed 1.0
Speed 1.0 Reach 1.0
Weight Weight 45 Value Value 5508
Soul Trap 120 secs
Charge/Cost = Uses 2500/20=125

The artifact Umbra is an enchanted sword obtained by slaying its wielder, as in Morrowind. This time, however, it is a one-handed weapon carried by Umbra, a female Wood Elf located in Vindasel. She and the sword are encountered during Clavicus Vile's Daedric quest.

Although this sword is associated with a Daedric quest, it is not considered a Daedric artifact for the quest Blood of the Daedra or for your character's statistics page. See the book Tamrielic Lore for background on this item.

For more information, see the lore article.

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  • In Morrowind, Umbra was a two-handed claymore, but in Oblivion, it is a one-handed longsword.
  • Umbra is Latin for "shadow" or "ghost".
  • Umbra closely resembles an Ebony Longsword from Morrowind.
  • Umbra has the highest base damage of any one-handed weapon in the game.
  • Umbra is a zero-weight quest item before finishing the related quest.
  • Unlike most other swords, Umbra does not have a sheath.
  • The sword's model is named "FGD05_UmbraSword", implying that at some point in the development it might have been intended to be used during the quest Azani Blackheart.