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These are all of the Ayleid Ruins in Cyrodiil.

Name Size Location Enemy Type Quest Related?
Anga Small Southeast of Bruma, north of the Red Ring Road Namira's Forgotten Ones, Priests of Arkay, Undead Yes
Anutwyll Medium Northwest of Bravil, south of the Green Road Monsters (1 boss-level Monster) No
Arpenia Small Northeast of Leyawiin, Southeast of Bravil Nuisance Animals Yes
Atatar Large Northeast of Leyawiin, just northwest of Drunken Dragon Inn Bandits, Azani Blackheart Yes
Bawn Medium Southeast of Bravil and north of the Green Road, on the shore of Niben Bay Undead (1 boss-level Undead) No
Belda Medium Northeast of the intersection of the Red Ring Road and the Blue Road (west of Cheydinhal) Conjurers, Daedra (1 boss-level Conjurer) No
Beldaburo Medium Northwest of Anvil, on the coast of the Abecean Sea, south of the Brena River Conjurers, Daedra, Bones Undead (1 boss-level Conjurer) Yes
Ceyatatar Medium Southwest of the Imperial City, North of the Gold Road Conjurers, Daedra (1 boss-level Conjurer) No
Culotte Small Southeast of the Imperial City on the east shore of the Upper Niben Undead Yes
Elenglynn Small North of Skingrad, South of Chorrol Necromancers, Undead (1 boss-level Necromancer) Yes
Fanacas Small North of Cheydinhal, East of Lake Arrius Vampires (1 boss-level Vampire) Yes
Fanacasecul Small West of the Imperial City, on the mainland side of Lake Rumare Undead (1 boss-level Undead) No
Garlas Agea Small Roughly halfway between Anvil and Kvatch Necromancers (1 boss-level Necromancer) No
Garlas Malatar Medium On a small island in the Abecean Sea northwest of Anvil Umaril the Unfeathered, Aurorans Yes
Hame Medium North of the source of the Silverfish River; east of the Reed River and Fort Facian; southeast of Boethia's Shrine Necromancers, Undead (1 boss-level Necromancer) No
Hrotanda Vale Medium North of Chorrol, West of the Orange Road Bandits, Ethereal Undead Orc Adventurers (1 boss-level Bandit) No
Kemen Medium East of Cheydinhal Undead No
Lindai Medium East of Chorrol, North of the Black Road Undead (1 boss-level Undead) Yes
Lipsand Tarn Medium North of Chorrol, close to the Jerall Mountains Vampires (1 boss-level Vampire) No
Mackamentain Medium Northern corner of small lake north of Silverfish River Necromancers, Zombie Undead (1 boss-level Necromancer) Yes
Malada Medium North of Lake Canulus, East of the Silverfish River Undead, Mixed Monster/Animals (1 boss-level Undead) Yes
Miscarcand Medium West of Skingrad, northeast of Kvatch Undead, Bitterfish Goblins (King of Miscarcand) Yes
Morahame Small Just east of the Yellow Road, north of where it crosses the Panther River Monster Enemies No
Moranda Medium North of the Orange Road, roughly halfway between Chorrol and Bruma Monster Enemies Yes
Nagastani Medium East of the Imperial City, southeast of the junction of the Red Ring Road and the Blue Road Zombie Undead, Monsters (1 boss-level Monster) No
Narfinsel Small Just north of Molag Bal's shrine, which is due east of Weatherleah Monsters (1 boss-level Monster) No
Nenalata Medium Mouth of Silverfish River Undead (1 boss-level Undead) Yes
Nenyond Twyll Medium West from Faregyl Inn, south from Waterfront Fithragaer, Mariette Rielle, Mucianus Allias Necromancers (1 boss-level Necromancer) Undead Yes
Ninendava Small Near Sancre Tor, by the unmarked northern road between Bruma and Chorrol Vampire Enemies, Zombie Undead Yes
Niryastare Medium Far north of Anvil, between Varus Camp and Last Chance Camp Undead Orc Adventurers (1 boss-level Undead) No
Nonungalo Medium In the Imperial Reserve, between Fort Ontus and Fort Dirich Monsters (1 boss-level Monster) No
Nornal Large East of Red Ring-Black Road intersection, south of Lake Poppad Marauders, Undead Orc Adventurer (1 boss-level Bones Undead, see notes) Yes
Nornalhorst Medium South of Greenmead Cave, east from Skingrad Vampires, Bones Undead (2 boss-level Vampires) No
The Old Way Large Beneath the Imperial Palace Ayleid Guardians Undead Enemies, Undead (1 boss-level Undead) Yes
Ondo Medium On the east bank of Silverfish River, north of Peryite's Shrine Zombie Undead, Monsters (1 boss-level Monster) No
Piukanda Medium On the Red Ring Road, northwest of Aleswell Undead (2 boss-level Undead) No
Rielle Medium Northwest of Bruma, just southwest of Cloud Ruler Temple Undead Orc Adventurer (1 boss-level Undead) No
Sardavar Leed Medium South of the Red Ring Road, on the south side of Lake Rumare and just west of the Upper Niben Conjurers, Daedra (1 boss-level Conjurer) No
Sedor Small East of Bruma on an unmarked road that leads to Azura's Shrine Savage Ogres Yes
Sercen Small Red Ring Road and Silver Road crossroads Bandits (1 boss-level Bandit) No
Silorn Medium Southeast of Skingrad Necromancers, Undead (1 boss-level Necromancer) Yes
Talwinque Medium Northeast of Kvatch and northwest of Skingrad; north of Miscarcand Bandits Orc Adventurer (1 boss-level Bandit) No
Telepe Small Northwest of Leyawiin Black Bow Bandits Yes
Trumbe Small A short distance northwest of Kvatch Undead (1 boss-level Bones Undead) No
Vahtacen Medium South of Cheydinhal, western shore of Reed River origin Skaleel, Denel Undead (1 boss-level Undead) Yes
Vanua Medium Underwater where the Upper Niben and Lake Rumare meet, just north of the Red Ring Road bridge Undead (2 boss-level Undead) No
Varondo Medium Far north of Kvatch Conjurers, Daedra (1 boss-level Conjurer) No
Veyond Large Short distance north of Leyawiin just east of the Yellow Road and just south of Blankenmarch Azhklan Trolls No
Vilverin Large Northeast of the Imperial Prison Sewers, just across the water Bandit Ringleaders, Bandits Jalbert Undead (1 boss-level Bones Undead) Yes
Vindasel Small Southwest of Waterfront, East of Clavicus Vile's Shrine Umbra Yes
Welke Medium Just east of the first branching of the Panther River Undead (1 boss-level Undead) Yes
Wendelbek Large East of a small lake formed by the northern branch of Panther River Necromancers, Zombie Undead (1 boss-level Necromancer) Yes
Wendir Medium Short way southwest of Chorrol, west of Hackdirt Undead (1 boss-level Undead) Yes
Wenyandawik Medium Northwest of Bravil, south of Inn of Ill Omen Undead (1 boss-level Undead) Yes


The sizes (small, medium or large) of Ayleid Ruins, Forts, Mines and Caves are related to the number of zones they contain as follows:

  • Small: One zone
  • Medium: Two or three zones
  • Large: Four or more zones