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Oblivion World:
Kvatch Oblivion World
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# of Peripheral Towers 4
# of Non-Random Caves 1
Important Treasure
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Fixed Gate
Gate outside Kvatch
Inside the Kvatch Oblivion World

Kvatch Oblivion World is a large-sized World only encountered at Kvatch (quest-specific).

The Oblivion Gate in front of Kvatch always connects to this world. This region is later revealed to be called "Ganonah" by the Dremora.

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Key to Map
Random Oblivion World 2

The bridge leading to the Sigil Keep is sealed, forcing a detour along the western side of the island.




Doors and gates:

  • There are (?) doors in/out of this zone



  • (?) Blood Fountains at locations b on map

Sump of MiseryEdit

Sump of Misery

The Sump of Misery is a cave found on the north side of the island. It leads to the Desolate Well.

Desolate WellEdit

The Desolate Well is a ruined tower which can only be entered through the Sump of Misery. It contains 3 Dremora, 2 punished (storage containers) and a blood fountain.

Blood WellEdit

This world has a single Blood Well, to the southwest.

Blood FeastEdit

Blood Feast

The Blood Feast is the name of the Sigil Keep.

Rending HallsEdit

Rending Halls

These corridors lead off the Blood Feast.

Corridors of Dark SalvationEdit

Corridors of Dark Salvation

These corridors lead off the Blood Feast and offer access to Reapers Sprawl and Meat Harbor.

Sigillum SanguisEdit

The Sigillum Sanguis is the final zone of this world, and contains the Sigil Stone.

Reapers SprawlEdit

Menien Goneld inside his cage

Reapers Sprawl is a tower which can only be reached across a narrow bridge from the Corridors of Dark Salvation. Menien Goneld can be found here.

Meat HarborEdit

Meat Harbor is an optional tower which can only be reached across a narrow bridge from the Corridors of Dark Salvation. It contains one Dremora, one Daedra, and two The Punished treasure chests.