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Oblivion:Hammer and Axe

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Hammer and Axe
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Proprietor Fjotreid
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Hammer and Axe

Hammer and Axe is an armor and weaponry store located in Bruma. It is found in the northern part of the city, across the road from the Mages Guild Chapter and close to Lyra Rosentia's House.

The proprietor, Fjotreid, has 800 gold, a Mercantile skill of 40 and also offers repair services. When bartering, he will buy your weapons, armor and miscellaneous items while only selling the first two. His wares include the unique Gauntlets of Gluttony, which fortify your Strength while draining your Health.

The main trading room is on the ground floor and is decorated to look like a forge, with an anvil, hammer, bellows and a furnace. It also contains some practice dummies and a selection of Fjotreid's wares on display. He lives upstairs, which differs from typical Bruma houses and stores, where the living quarters are usually on a lower level. His private quarters, which are locked, contain a single bedroom. On top of a chest of drawers you can find some gold coins and a Silver War-Axe.

The cabinet on the main floor on the left side of the room contains a self-replenishing (every few days, when the cell resets) set of wares similar to what Fjotreid sells, including 5 bear pelts (plus some spell scrolls). Because of its proximity to Ongar, this is an ideal place to make money for a beginning stealth character.