Oblivion:Agnar the Unwavering

Oblivion: People
Agnar the Unwavering
(RefID: 000C5746)
Location Dive Rock
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 1 Class Warrior
RefID 000C5746 BaseID 000C55E5
Other Information
Health 0 (Dead) Magicka 75
Agnar the Unwavering's body

Agnar the Unwavering, a Nord warrior, was the Chieftain of Thirsk and husband to Svenja Snow-Song. He and Svenja left Thirsk to track down the fearsome Uderfrykte Matron, mother of the Udyrfrykte that had previously attacked the mead hall. Their search led them to Cyrodiil, for they had heard of a creature living near Dive Rock. Once you arrive there, you will find Agnar's Journal describing their quest in detail.

Agnar wore a full set of fur armor - the helmet and shield being close to his corpse; and wielded a silver war axe. However, it is impossible to pick up his helmet. He also carried a shirt with suspenders, a pair of blue suede shoes and two or three gold coins.

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  • His journal states he fought with a steel war axe, but a silver war axe is found next to his corpse.


  • If you try to pick up Agnar's fur helmet, you will get the standard "You may not scavenge your fallen opponents' weapons or shields!" message as though you were in the Arena.
  • It is possible that his body has already disappeared before you ever encounter it.