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Guild Hall:
Leyawiin Fighters Guild
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LeyawiinFightersGuild, LeyawiinFightersGuildTraining, LeyawiinFightersGuildRoom01, LeyawiinFightersGuildRoom02, LeyawiinFightersGuildBasement
Leyawiin Fighters Guild

Leyawiin Fighters Guild is on the west side of town, between Southern Books and the Blackwood Company Hall.

The building is divided into five areas: Fighter's Guild, Fighter's Guild 2nd Floor East, Fighter's Guild 2nd Floor West, Fighter's Guild 3rd Floor West, and Fighter's Guild Basement.

Fighter's Guild[edit]

Leyawiin Fighters Guild

The front door to Leyawiin's Fighters Guild reveals an entrance room with a set of stairs leading up on the wall opposite the door. The two barrels stacked in the alcove beneath the stairs contain clutter and/or a repair hammer. Brodras, Sherina, and a Fighters Guild Porter can often be found here. The staircase at the north end of the main entrance room leads up to a second floor balcony with doors to the 2nd Floor East and West. Further up the stairs is another balcony with a door to the 3rd Floor.

The doorway on the west wall leads into a large room where Antus Flonius can often be found. The display case next to the door, locked with a hard lock, holds an ebony warhammer replica. The large bookshelf in the northeast alcove holds a calcinator and a mortar and pestle. On the small table in the middle of the room are two strawberries, two blackberries, and a cheese wedge. Another doorway in the southwest corner leads to a small bedroom with a single bed. The chest of drawers at the foot of the bed contains clothing, as does the cupboard on the opposite wall. A recipe for a restore fatigue potion sits on top of the chest of drawers.

The first doorway on the east wall of the main entrance room leads to a small room with an empty display case and a door to a small bedroom with a single bed. The chest of drawers on the south wall contains clothing, as does the cupboard on the west wall.

The northeast doorway in the main entrance room leads to a small room with two side-by-side wine racks on the north wall. They hold five bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine, five bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine, and three bottles of cheap wine. Next to the wine racks is the door to the basement.

The door on the east wall leads to a dining room with a round table that seats four. On the table are two bundles of grapes, an apple, a cheese wedge, a sweetcake, and a bottle of cheap wine. The cupboard on the north wall contains drinks. The cupboard on the south wall contains food, and next to it is a door to a small storage room. The bookshelf on the west wall contains three bottles of Surilie Brothers Wine, two loaves of bread, and a sack that contains clutter. The two barrels next to this shelf contain food. On the table next to the barrels are three watermelons and three pumpkins. The two barrels on the other side of the table also contain food. A broom and a hoe are propped behind the barrels, and on the east wall another table holds two apples and six oranges. The two sacks between this table and the door contain contain more food. The sacks do not respawn; however, every other container here does.

Fighter's Guild 2nd Floor East[edit]

Leyawiin Fighters Guild 2nd Floor East

The door into the 2nd Floor East reveals a short hallway with a door on the either side. The chest of drawers at the end of the hallway contains clothing. The door on the north wall leads to a bedroom with two double beds. The chest at the foot of the one on the east wall contains clutter. The chest of drawers in front of the window contains clothing, and the three sacks in the windowsill contain clutter. The sacks do not respawn, but the other containers do.

The door on the south wall of the entrance hall leads to a training room with an archery target and a magic target. In the southeast corner is a full set of steel armor: boots on the floor; gauntlets, helmet, and greaves on one table; and cuirass on another. A doorway on the east wall, locked with an average lock, reveals a room with an iron warhammer on a weapons rack. The table beside it holds a steel claymore, cutlass, warhammer, mace, and dagger, and an iron shortsword.

Fighter's Guild 2nd Floor West[edit]

Leyawiin Fighters Guild 2nd Floor West

The door into the 2nd Floor West leads into a large study. Immediately on your right upon entering sits a steel battle axe. On the bookshelf in the southeast corner are a scroll of absorb agility and a steel dagger. The barrel next to it contains clutter and/or a repair hammer. The desk on the south wall may contain clutter and/or common books, and on top of it sits a silver shortsword, as well as two scrolls - one of absorb health and one of restore health - and a cheese wedge. On the windowsill in the northwest corner, next to the door, two crates and a chest all contain clutter. The door reveals a small room with two single beds available for Fighters Guild members. The cupboard on the west wall contains clothing, and the chest next to it contains clutter. Every container here respawns, and so none are safe for long-term storage.

Fighter's Guild 3rd Floor West[edit]

Leyawiin Fighters Guild 3rd Floor West

The 3rd Floor is one large bedroom with a double bed on the north wall. The two large display cases on the east wall are both locked with hard locks; the one on the left holds a glass battle axe replica, and the one on the right holds a dwarven claymore replica. The chest between them holds gold and possibly jewelry and clutter. This chest does not respawn, but every other container here does, including the cupboard in the northwest corner which holds clothing and the chest on top of it that contains clutter. The desk on the west wall contains clutter and/or common books. The weapons rack in the southwest corner holds two silver longswords and a silver shortsword. The bookshelf on the south wall holds a copy of The Old Ways.

Fighter's Guild Basement[edit]

Leyawiin Fighters Guild Basement

The first landing on the stairs down into the basement has a doorway on the left. It leads into a large balcony room that appears to be intended for viewing the area below. The cupboard next to the stairs contains clothing, and the two barrels next to it contain clutter and/or repair hammers. Two chests sit side-by-side on the east wall; the one on the left contains armor and/or weapons, and the one on the right contains gold and a possibility of jewelry or clutter. These two chests and the sacks in the basement are the only that do not respawn, along with another armor/weapons chest in a pen on the lower level. Next to these two chests another two clutter/repair hammer barrels are stacked, and in front of them a crate has the same contents. A sack sits on top of the crate, and contains clutter. Near the southeast corner another cupboard holds clothing, and another two clutter/repair hammer barrels are stacked beside another crate with the same contents. Around them are five more clutter sacks. Two more crates stacked on the south wall contain clutter and/or a repair hammer, and a repair hammer sits on top of them. Two bottles of beer sit on the table between the two pillars, and the last clutter/repair hammer barrel sits next to one of the pillars.

At the bottom of the stairs, a barrel contains clutter and/or a repair hammer, and through the gate is a large sparring area. In the southeast corner a shelf holds an iron battle axe, three iron daggers, an iron bow, and an iron shortsword. A clutter/repair hammer barrel sits behind this shelf. The alcove on the east wall contains two chests that hold clutter, a weapons rack with two iron claymores, another rack with three iron warhammers, and a table with four iron longswords and four iron daggers. The gate to the pen next to this alcove is locked with an average lock; inside a single chest contains weapons and/or armor.

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Antus Flonius Apprentice
Brodras Trainer (Basic)Heavy Armor (Basic) Associate
Sherina Trainer (Advanced)Blade (Advanced) Associate
S'kasha Swordsman
Fighters Guild Porter Repairs Protector