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Oblivion:Two Sides of the Coin

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Arnora wants you to speak with Jorundr to find out where their stolen gold is hidden.
Quest Giver: Arnora Auria in Bruma
Location(s): Bruma
Reward: Various treasure, including two skill books
Fame/Infamy: Fame +1; Infamy +1 if Arnora killed too early
ID: MS09
Tyrellius talks to Jorundr in prison

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Listen to rumors around Bruma to learn about a man making off with his girlfriend's money.
  2. Speak with Arnora Auria.
  3. Get into the jail to speak to Jorundr.
  4. Decide on your course of action and receive your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Arnora AuriaEdit

Listen to rumors around Bruma to learn of a woman named Arnora Auria whose boyfriend Jorundr tried to run away with her money. He was caught in the act and is being held in the Bruma jail.

Speak to Arnora in her house behind the chapel. When her disposition is high enough (60+) she will tell you that she and Jorundr are actually a pair of thieves who made a living by stealing just enough to get by. According to Arnora, Jorundr started wanting more and eventually killed a guard while robbing a tax collector. Days later, while Arnora was getting some food, guards captured Jorundr at their camp. Unfortunately, he had hidden the tax money and Arnora cannot get to it. Arnora asks you to speak with Jorundr and find out where the money is hidden.

If Arnora dies at this point (specifically, if she dies before you strike a bargain with Jorundr), the quest will end as soon as you talk to Jorundr. In this case, you receive 1 Infamy point (instead of the usual 1 Fame point) and you do not receive any reward.

Speak with JorundrEdit

You will find Jorundr in the Bruma jail. No matter how much you persuade him, he will not trust you. In order to gain his confidence, you will have to get yourself arrested and sent to jail. A quick way to do this is to pick up one of the items on the jail tables or attack the guards. Once you have been jailed, Jorundr will tell you that it was in fact Arnora who grew greedy and killed the guard. Jorundr tells you that he will reveal the location of the money if you kill Arnora and bring him her amulet.

If you wait a while before serving your sentence, a guard named Tyrellius Logellus will approach Jorundr and try to convince him to reveal the location of the treasure.

See the crime article for details on how to serve your sentence or, alternatively, how to escape from jail.

Choosing SidesEdit

There are two ways to proceed at this point:

  • Kill Arnora. The easiest way to do this is to tell her you'll kill her and run outside. She will follow and the guards will proceed to attack her. You can also choose to kill her in cold blood (without initiating conversation) and initiate the Dark Brotherhood questline.
Take the pendant and her keys. If you return to Jorundr immediately, he will tell you that Arnora's true amulet has a red stone, not the blue one you've taken from her body. Return to the house and search her bedroom chest to discover the true one.
  • You can save yourself the extra footwork by taking the true amulet from the chest before seeing Jorundr to report Arnora's death.
  • Alternately, trick Jorundr into believing that Arnora is dead. To do this, tell Arnora you will help her and she will give you the key needed to retrieve the true amulet.
    • However, if you choose this method and then proceed to kill Arnora in cold blood before discovering the gold's location, the quest will automatically end with a message that one of the persons needed in this quest has been killed.

After acquiring Arnora's True Amulet by any of the aforementioned methods, ask the Jailor to allow you to speak to Jorundr in the jail. Show the amulet to Jorundr. He will believe that Arnora is dead and tell you the location of the treasure.

  • If you allowed Arnora to live, Tyrellius will be waiting for you by the treasure chest. He has killed Arnora and will now try to kill you.
  • If you killed Arnora to gain the amulet(s), Tyrellius will not appear.


The treasure includes two skill books. One of the books will always be one of the seven Stealth skill books that appear in random loot; the other books will be for either a Magic or Combat skill (selected from one of the thirteen skill books that appear in random loot).


  • You may want to do this quest very early in the game. The leveled reward for this quest is rarely worth the effort, but Tyrellius wears a full suit of chainmail armor (except for a helmet) and is armed with a silver longsword.
  • If you attempt to sneak past Tyrellius, a message will pop up saying "I'll need to deal with Tyrellius before I can open the chest."
  • You cannot pickpocket Arnora's Chest Key. It is scripted to appear on her corpse when she dies, or is given to you. (Arnora's Key is different, and opens her house.)
  • Once Jorundr tells you where to find the stolen gold, Arnora's amulets are changed from quest items to standard items. At this point, it becomes possible to drop, duplicate, or enchant them. The keys can be dropped at the end of the quest.
    • If you choose to kill Arnora, you can gain both amulets: the blue fake and the red real one.
    • You can show Jorundr both the real and the fake amulets for a little bit of extra dialogue.
    • If you choose to trick Jorundr, you get only the red amulet. When Tyrellius subsequently murders Arnora, the blue amulet she wore is missing from the body.
  • For an amusing variation, trick Jorundr and get Tyrellius to follow you back into Arnora's house and down the basement. Arnora will not yet be dead and will kill Tyrellius for you, at which point she will vanish and her body will appear on the first floor inside the door.
    • If you do this, resist the temptation to use the Staff of Worms on her "new" corpse until you complete the quest. The zombie cannot move, and when it re-dies you will receive the "NPC needed for this quest has died" notification.
  • If, as soon as Tyrellius draws his sword to attack, you run directly to the Bruma gate, upon returning Tyrellius may no longer be hostile. He will use the same dialogue but will not attack.
  • If you opt to kill Arnora, her body will be marked as a quest item and will not disappear. You cannot safely use Arnora's house for storage or to sleep.
  • After giving Jorundr the red amulet, you can kill Arnora and get the blue amulet off of her corpse. The game will say that the quest cannot complete because Arnora is dead and you receive 1 Infamy point (Stage 200). But if you go to the location of the treasure and open the chest, the quest will update to Stage 100 and give you 1 fame point.
  • Stage 160 of the Quest Journal says, "I've found Arnora's body in her house. Tyrellius has indeed killed her. I should probably leave before the town guard thinks I had something to do with it. On the bright side, all of Jorundr's gold is now mine." - The town guard never enters Arnora's house as no bounty is put on the player's head.


  • Since getting arrested is a requirement for this quest, a bug may occur that places NPCs from previous quests at Bruma Castle, potentially resulting in a fight. This is especially problematic here because the Allies for Bruma you may have worked hard to gather might take part and be killed. Doing this quest early, or seeing to it that any hostile NPCs do not survive the affected quests, will lessen this danger.
  • After you get arrested and talk to Jorundr, if you manage to escape from jail without resting or waiting, a duplicate of Tyrellius will appear. If you decide to help Arnora, then go outside to claim the gold and kill Tyrellius, you can return to the Bruma dungeon and find him still alive and well equipped in Bruma guard clothing.
  • If you kill Tyrellius while in jail and let Arnora live, Tyrellius will still be alive and waiting by the treasure chest.
  • Tyrellius' body will permanently stay where you slew him.

Journal EntriesEdit

Two Sides of the Coin (MS09)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I've heard that Arnora Auria of Bruma is looking for some help recovering some money that was stolen from her. I should make my way to her house and see if I can help.
15 I've spoken to Arnora, but it sounds like she wants me to do something potentially illegal. I've told her I'm not interested. It sounded like she'd welcome me back if I changed my mind.
20 Arnora told me about a particular crime that she was forced to help her lover, Jorundr, commit. They stole some gold and buried it, but Jorundr was arrested. When she returned to the hiding place, the gold was gone. Jorundr must have moved it. Now she wants to recover the money. I should go to Bruma Castle Dungeons and speak to him.
30 Jorundr refused to speak to me. He said that he doesn't talk to "outsiders". I think he's referring to the fact that I'm not a prisoner. Sounds like the only way to get him to talk is by getting arrested.
35 I've committed a crime and been sent to jail. This may be the perfect opportunity to speak to Jorundr about the stolen gold. (If the player hasn't yet talked to Jorundr) or

I've committed a crime and been sent to jail. Perhaps now I can convince Jorundr to tell me about the stolen gold. (If the player has previously talked to Jorundr)

40 Jorundr had a completely different take on what happened with Arnora. He says she turned him in, hoping to get the gold for herself, but he had moved it. He's furious and wants revenge. Jorundr then offered to give me all of the gold if I kill her. All I have to do is show him her amulet.
50 I've slain Arnora. I should take the amulet off her body and bring it to Jorundr.
60 I've convinced Arnora to give me her amulet. However, I've agreed to split the gold with her. She gave me the key to unlock the chest next to her bed. Inside is the amulet Jorundr is looking for. I should retrieve it and bring it to the Bruma Castle Dungeon.
70 I've shown Arnora's Amulet to Jorundr. He revealed the location of the treasure as being buried outside the town wall.
100 Yes  I've found the treasure that Jorundr concealed outside the walls of Bruma.
140 I've killed a corrupt guard named Tyrellius Logellus near the stashed loot. Apparently, he had overheard my conversation with Jorundr in the Bruma Castle Dungeons and wanted the gold for himself. I think he's also killed Arnora. I can now recover the gold unhindered.
150 I've found the treasure that Jorundr concealed. I should go check to see if Tyrellius was telling the truth about Arnora.
160 Yes  I've found Arnora's body in her house. Tyrellius has indeed killed her. I should probably leave before the town guard thinks I had something to do with it. On the bright side, all of Jorundr's gold is now mine.
180 Yes  Arnora's death occurred before I struck a bargain with Jorundr and if he would have rewarded me before, he certainly won't now.
200 Yes  One of the characters needed to complete this quest has died.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in random order.
  • If an entry is marked as "Finishes Quest" it means the quest disappears from the Active Quest list, but you may still receive new entries for that quest.
  •   It is possible to use the console to advance through the quest by entering setstage MS09 stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) quest stages. See SetStage for more information.