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Oblivion:Fighter's Stronghold

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Fighter's Stronghold
Quest Battlehorn Castle (quest)
Location Battlehorn Castle (place)
Items Battlehorn Castle Items
Released October 15, 2007
Size 10.3 MB
Filename DLCBattlehornCastle.esp
  • Available with Game of the Year Deluxe Edition on GOG or Steam
Xbox 360
Patch 1.1.511 or higher
CS Version 1.2

Fighter's Stronghold is an official download for Oblivion introducing a stronghold known as Battlehorn Castle, located west of Chorrol in the Colovian Highlands.

Initially the castle is under siege by Marauders, but once the invaders have been repelled it can be used as a player home. The castle is patrolled by Men-At-Arms, while a blacksmith lives on the grounds with his wolf-dog. Unbeknownst to the other occupants, some unwanted tenants have been sealed away deep below the castle.

Several unique upgrades can be purchased for the castle, including an ancient Dwemer Forge that buffs your Armorer skill, a trophy room to exhibit hunting trophies, and a wine cellar. In addition, an assortment of staff can be employed to serve you at the castle, including a maid, a chef to prepare food and drinks, a vintner to create special wines that enhance fighting abilities, a combat trainer for sparring practice, and a taxidermist to craft lifelike trophies for the great hall.

The download also introduces Nilphas Omellian, an apprentice merchant with 2,000 gold. He can be found inside the Merchant's Inn in the Market District of the Imperial City. He is generally the best merchant to sell weapons, armor, and clothing to.

Defeat the attacking marauders and become lord of Battlehorn Castle, located in the Colovian Highlands west of Chorrol. The castle has private quarters, a grand dining hall, wine cellar, barracks, training room, and – most importantly – a few hidden passages and dark secrets. —Official Summary

Gameplay InformationEdit

  • Battlehorn Castle — A new home geared towards fighters.
  • Creatures — 3 new variations of existing creatures are introduced with the download.
  • Items — 31 items are included with the download, including armor, books, weapons, and wines.
  • Magic — Two new powers are available in the download:
  • NPCs — 10 new NPCs are introduced with the download, in addition to the corpse of a deceased NPC, Lord Kelvyn:
  • Quest — End the siege to become lord of the castle.


  • Fighter's Stronghold was available as a free download for the first two weeks of its release before becoming a paid download.
  • The download was originally titled "Dragonfire Castle" and its existence was rumored in summer 2006, more than a year before it was officially announced by Bethesda. The original name can still be found in the Construction Set, with the word "Dragonfire" being used in several editor IDs.
  • Fighter's Stronghold is the only official download not to be included on the Knights of the Nine retail disk and consequently the only download available solely in English.


  • The Fighter's Stronghold download causes issues with the Mystic Emporium which can also vary if the Wizard's Tower download is also installed. See the Mystic Emporium bugs section for further details.

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