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Oblivion:Magrum gra-Orum's House

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Magrum gra-Orum's House
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Console Location Code(s)
CheydinhalOrumHouse, CheydinhalOrumHouseBasement
Magrum gra-Orum's House

Magrum gra-Orum's House is located in the western half of Cheydinhal, next door to Rythe Lythandas's house and across from the Cheydinhal Fighters Guild.

It is the residence of local Orum Gang members, Dulfish gro-Orum and Magub gro-Orum, and consists of two zones: Magrum gra-Orum's House and Magrum gra-Orum's Basement.


Magrum gra-Orum's HouseEdit

Magrum gra-Orum's HouseEdit

The second floor bedroom
The first floor

In the entrance, a clutter barrel sits on each side of the fireplace. The practice area holds a table in the southwest alcove with three longswords on top; two silver and one steel. The table in the northwest alcove holds a leather cuirass, two leather greaves, and a leather helmet, with another helmet on the floor under it. The locked chest behind the table can contain armor and weapons.

The sitting area in the north of this level holds a cupboard with dishes, and a set of shelves and drawers that contain food. A bottle of cheap wine and a bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine sit on the table. Beside the stairs, a door leads to the basement.

On the second floor at the head of the stairs lies a clutter chest, and nearby is a table with another bottle of cheap wine and another of Tamika's West Weald. The dining area here holds two barrels and a cupboard that contains food and a chest of drawers that holds clutter. Four heads of lettuce and six radishes sit on the drawers. The table here is set with four pieces of boar meat, two apples, two emetic russula caps, and three onions. A fourth onion sits on the bench.

A table in the north corner of the bedroom holds a chest that contains gold and possibly jewelry. A pair of leather boots lie on the floor in front of them. A desk that holds clutter sits against the northwest wall. In the west corner sits a shelf with two grand soul gems filled with petty souls. The southwest alcove holds a clothing cupboard and a bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine on a table. The alcove to the southeast holds a chest of drawers that contains clothing with a green silk garment and a blue velvet outfit on top and a pair of gold trimmed shoes nearby on the ground. Also in this alcove is a locked chest containing clutter.

Magrum gra-Orum's BasementEdit

The basement

At the foot of the stairs to the basement lies two clutter barrels and a food barrel. The first area on this level holds three clutter crates, a clutter barrel, and a clothing cupboard. The second area holds three clutter barrels, a food barrel, a clutter crate, and a bottle of cheap wine sitting on the crate. There are also two wine racks that hold between them three bottles of Tamika's West Weald wine and two bottles of Surilie Brothers wine.


  • Dulfish and Magub both carry keys to this location.
  • The chest by the first floor practice area and the chest on the table in the bedroom are both non-respawning and safe for storage.


  • There seems to be some disagreements on this Magub's name. His house is called "Magrum gra-Orum's House", which is another female name, but there is no "Magrum gra-Orum" anywhere in the game. He also shares the house with "Dulfish gro-Orum", who is unquestionably male. They are both very rude and refuse to talk to you much, so the nature of their relationship remains a mystery. One theory is that Magub was originally supposed to be Dulfish's wife, but was changed to a male for some reason. It is assumed that they are brothers.
    •   The Unofficial Oblivion Patch, version 2.0.0, addresses this issue. The house has been renamed to "Magub gro-Orum's House".
    • The Prima Official Game Guide states the following about the house: "Home also to her husband, the gangster Dulfish. (Is it any wonder the place is in his wife's name?) Ms. Orum can put you on to the locations of two ruined Imperial forts that have been taken over by the undead." If this information is correct, then it would appear that Magub or "Magrum" was indeed originally meant to appear as Dulfish's wife.