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Listener Alisanne Dupre
LG-cardart-Alisanne Dupre.jpg
Listener Alisanne Dupre
Race Breton Gender Female
Died 4E 188
Resided in Bravil
Appears in Legends

Alisanne Dupre was a member of the Dark Brotherhood who had become the Listener of the Black Hand by the year 4E 187. Her father, Uther Nere, had murdered her mother when she was a young woman, and she fled to join the Brotherhood, vowing to take revenge as an assassin.[1]

Dupre maintained a private residence in Bravil, from which she commuted to the Brotherhood's last Cyrodilic sanctuary in Cheydinhal. While there, she discussed the state of the Brotherhood with Rasha. Among the topics they discussed was the destruction of the Wayrest sanctuary, and the potential re-opening of the Shadowscale training facility in Archon, Black Marsh, a plan that was ultimately abandoned due to lack of funds.

When the feud between Bravil's two largest skooma traffickers turned violent, Dupre was forced to hire a battalion of sellswords to protect her and her property. Ultimately the effort proved futile, as she was tricked by her father, and incinerated by his fiery spell. Dupre was killed while attempting in vain to guard the Night Mother's crypt from desecration. During the fight, an assassin named Garnag managed to escape with the Night Mother's body, saving it from destruction and ruining Uther Nere's plans to destroy the Dark Brotherhood entirely.[1][2]