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Lore: Gods: I
"There was another Daedric Prince! My Prince! A Prince that saved me and preserved just enough of my memory so that I could one day save them in return. A Prince whose jealous and craven siblings cast down and wiped from the annals of history."

Ithelia, known as the Prince of Paths, the Mistress of the Untraveled Road, the Unseen, and the Fate-Changer[1] is the Daedric Prince of Paths. She supposedly had the ability to shape destiny, alter fate and rearrange its strands according to her whim. Considering this power a threat to the order of the universe, Hermaeus Mora erased all traces of her memory from existence in order to preserve reality.[2] Ithelia left behind her loyal servant, Torvesard, as a contingency plan in her absence.[3][2] As of 2E 582, she was unknown to the academic community.[4]

Mirrormoor is Ithelia's realm.[5]


Hermaeus Mora discussing the threat of Ithelia

When Ithelia first emerged, Hermaeus Mora foresaw her unraveling reality. Her ability to shape destiny as she saw fit had already damaged the threads of fate, so in an effort to prevent further harm, he gathered the other Daedric Princes in a moot where he proposed they remove her from existence. Part of his solution involved erasing Ithelia from their memory entirely. Seeing the damage she had already caused to the fabric of fate, many of the Princes agreed to assist him in the matter: however, Peryite and Vaermina objected to the idea. Against their wishes, he cast a spell that wiped all memory of Ithelia's existence from the minds of his fellow Princes: records of Ithelia's existence and knowledge of her location was all forgotten by Daedra and mortal alike. This would end up becoming Mora's most closely guarded secret.[1][6]



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