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Quill-Weave (?b - ?d)Edit

Quill-Weave was a famous Argonian author who lived in Anvil in the final years of the Third Era, and the onset of the Fourth Era. She penned a collection of popular novels such as Red Crater and The Goblin with the Golden Arm and was known for her belief that the Doomstones carried no traces of magical power of any kind, instead linking them to the activities of long-forgotten cults and ancient sky worship of the Beastfolk of the Mythic Era.

Quintus Varus (?b - 3E 427)Edit

Quintus Varus was an Imperial warden of Stormhold prison and a reputed lunatic.[1] He ruled as warden circa 3E 427,[UOL 1] forcing his prisoners to dig for crystals, which he valued. He planned to locate the Storm Crystal, a large crystal capable of holding large amounts of corruption, and use it to store all the evil in the Empire, titling himself the Slayer of Evil.[2] Though he found the crystal, it was unable to store all of the Empire's evil.[3] Varus would meet his end by the hand of his own prisoner, who he nicknamed the Master Tunnel Rat.[2]


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