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Sorcerer-King Celemaril
BL-creature-Celemaril, The Sorcerer-King.jpg
Sorcerer-King Celemaril
Race Ayleid Gender Male
Undeath 1st Era
Final Death 4E 180
Resided in Cyrodiil
Appears in Blades

Celemaril (/sɛ.lɛ.məˈrɪl/ (About this soundlisten)) Light-Bringer, also known as King Celemaril the Undying[1] also simply referred to as the Sorcerer-King or Lich is a powerful Ayleid lich and necromancer who seeks to rule Tamriel and ultimately destroy Nirn.[2] In the first era, he ruled his domain in Cyrodiil as king.[3]


First EraEdit

Celemaril's rise and fall

In the First Era, together with his undead forces,[3] the immortal Celemaril waged war across Tamriel.[4][2] His brother Valentis led other Ayleid kings in a rebellion against Celemaril. With varla stones and an Elder Scroll, Valentis donned Celemaril's crown and spoke a ritual incantation, sealing his brother within a crypt beneath a marble statue bearing his likeness.[5][2][3] As king, Valentis would then erase much of the records of Celemaril and his conquest.[4][3] Valentis also founded the town of Rivercrest at the site of the statue which sealed Celemaril.[6][3]

Fourth EraEdit

The Elder Statue

By 4E 180,[7] Rivercrest was in the domain of the Bloodfall Kingdom. One day, Queen Urzoga gra-Batul sent mercenaries to collect taxes from the town. In an attempt to scare the townsfolk into paying up,[8] they broke the head off of the statue of Valentis, which they called the Elder Statue, releasing a green fire that razed the town.[9] The magic that trapped Celemaril was dispelled, and so he returned to the surface to plot the destruction of Nirn.

Soon after, the Warrior returned to Rivercrest, their hometown. With the help of the loremaster, Saashi, the Warrior unraveled the mysterious history surrounding Celemaril and his scheme. Next, they worked to recreate the original binding ritual. They retrieved Celemaril's crown, five varla stones, an Elder Scroll, and an inscription of the ritual incantation. Finally, the Warrior commissioned the creation of a new marble statue which precisely resembled the original.[7] By then, Celemaril had amassed another undead army with which he launched an assault upon Rivercrest. The Warrior met with him in an arena north of Rivercrest and fought one-on-one against the Sorcerer-King. Meanwhile, Saashi read the ritual incantation as Celemaril's undead attacked the town's walls and gates.[10] The Warrior was victorious, and with a magical glow that could be seen even from Rivercrest, Celemaril was sealed beneath Rivercrest once more.[11][3]


  • The Abyss and Celemaril are said to be linked. However, Celemaril is not responsible for its creation.[12]



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