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Spenard's throne of the Riven King

House Spenard was a Breton dynasty of rulers of Shornhelm dating at least back to the mid-fifth century of the First Era. Both them and their vassals were accused of vampirism.[1][2]


Shornhelm ca. 2E 582

In the mid-fifth century of the First Era, Shornhelm was ruled by House Spenard. They were remembered as a despotic dynasty, and their reign lasted for one hundred and eighty-six years, starting from King Frestrien Spenard I all the way to King Frestrien Spenard VI. While there have been many tyrant kings in Rivenspire, none lived up to the reign of Spenards. Their territory was always in a perpetual state of famine,[1] and one of the vassal clans, House Aurmine patronized the notorious knightly order, the Knights of the Pale Order.[2] Though House Spernard were in their height during the Fifth Century of the First Era, they were dissolved after a reign of about 186 years by House Dorell,[1] a House that would not gain prominence until the Ninth Century of the First Era.[3]

A collection of documents stated that the line of Frestrien bore stern features that appeared wrought from pale marble. Amalien of the University of Gwylim claimed that each of the six kings were one person and that Frestrien Spenard was a vampire.[1] Coincidentally, their vassals were also accused of being vampires back in their time.[2]

By the middle Second Era, Spenard was a common surname across Bretons in High Rock and the Systres archipelago.[4][5][6]

Known LeadersEdit

  • King Frestrien Spenard I
  • King Frestrien Spenard II
  • King Frestrien Spenard III
  • King Frestrien Spenard IV
  • King Frestrien Spenard V
  • King Frestrien Spenard VI