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Ildari Sarothril
SR-npc-Ildari Sarothril.jpg
Ildari Sarothril (undead) as seen in Dragonborn
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Died 4E 201
Resided in Solstheim
Appears in Dragonborn

Ildari Sarothril was a Dunmer Telvanni conjurer and an apprentice of Master Neloth during the Fourth Era. She was killed during an experiment gone awry but was resurrected due to a Heart Stone which had been grafted to her. She was finally slain in 4E 201.

In life, Ildari was a member of the Great House Telvanni and went to Tel Mithryn on Solstheim to study under Master Neloth. During this time, the two researched the power of Heart Stones, naturally-occurring rocks from Red Mountain which caused the formation of Ash Spawn. Neloth considered replacing his own heart with a heart stone, which he believed would bestow him with some degree of power.[1] Instead, he coaxed Ildari into becoming his test subject with promises of power and glory.[2]

In 4E 181, Neloth performed the surgery that resulted in Ildari's heart being replaced with a heart stone. The experiment failed, and Ildari died as a result. Neloth, mildly annoyed by the setback, had her buried in a small graveyard north of Tel Mithryn.[3] Neloth assumed that she was gone for good, and took on Talvas Fathryon as his new apprentice.[4] However, the Heart Stone returned Ildari to life. She was weak and suffered from constant pain and "voices" in her mind. She viewed Neloth's promises of power as trickery and swore revenge on her former master for his betrayal.[2]

Ildari set up base in the ruins of Fort Frostmoth and recovered the body of General Falx Carius for experimentation. She succeeded in resurrecting Carius by grafting a Heart Stone to his corpse but made little progress in controlling him. Ildari grew impatient, killing her assistants, and departing from the ruins after two months, leaving the undead Carius to wreak havoc.[5]

She later stumbled upon Highpoint Tower, an ancient fortress inhabited by a group of miners. The miners took her in, believing her to be hurt. As she recovered, Ildari learned of the Heart Stone's ability to raise Ash Spawn. She descended into madness and became increasingly paranoid of the miners, eventually attacking them with Ash Spawn and sparing a few as prisoners for experimentation. The only miner to survive the ordeal was Niyya, a Redguard woman who had originally befriended Ildari, but who she later viewed as a traitor.[6][7]

Ildari's attempt to attack Neloth was pitiful. She sent Ash Spawn to kill his steward and wither his mushroom tower, but was able to do little else without a stronger servant. She was also capable of summoning an Ash Guardian and controlling it.[7] Neloth noticed these strange events and became paranoid that someone was out to get him. He sent the Last Dragonborn to discover the source of the attacks. The Dragonborn found Ildari's coffin to be empty, and Neloth used a spell of scrying to locate Ildari in Highpoint Tower. The Dragonborn confronted her within the ruins, and ripped the Heart Stone from her, killing her permanently.[8]

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