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Chrysamere, also known as the Paladin's Blade, the Blade of Blades, and the Sword of Heroes,[1] is an ancient adamantium claymore artifact with offensive capabilities only surpassed by its defenses.[2][3] It has magical properties which, unlike most weapons, are defensive in nature; it lends the wielder health, boosts their resistance to fire, and reflects some damage from spells.[1][2][3] It is unaligned, and is not a Daedric artifact.[4]:78


Circa 2E 582, a number of visual replicas designed in Chrysamere's image were seen throughout Tamriel.[5]

During the Imperial Simulacrum, a scribe in the city-state of Alabaster in Elsweyr learned that Chrysamere had re-surfaced somewhere on the continent. Using this information, the Eternal Champion was able to acquire the sword from an unknown dungeon.[1]

In 3E 405, The Agent was rumored to have obtained Chrysamere in the Iliac Bay after putting a stop to an arch-lich that was raising an army of undead,[6] though possibly first had to retrieve the legendary blade from the Mages Guild branch that had stolen it. However, there are conflicting accounts that the artifact centered around these events was actually a different one altogether; the Staff of Magnus, the Necromancer's Amulet, or the Warlock's Ring.[7] A different source conflicts this occurrence, instead claiming that the Agent received Chrysamere from the King of Orsinium, Gortwog gro-Nagorm, in exchange for the Totem of Tiber Septim.[8]

In 3E 427 the Imperial Legion tasked the Nerevarine with recovering Chrysamere and the Lord's Mail from some thieves. The Mail was in the possession of an expelled member of the Legion, while the sword was in the possession of Draramu Hloran, a powerful sorceress found in the Abanabi Cave near Sadrith Mora. The Nerevarine dealt with the thieves and returned the artifacts to Varus Vantinius, the Knight of the Imperial Dragon on Vvardenfell.[9] The Nerevarine later challenged Vantinius for the title of Knight of the Imperial Dragon; the two dueled in the arena of Vivec, and Vantinius was slain, allowing the victor to claim both artifacts from his corpse.[10] Later that year, the cuirass and blade were sold to Torasa Aram, who put them on display in her Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold.[11]

Chrysamere reemerged around 4E 180, when the Warrior came across blade during their journey.[12] Sometime afterwards, the blade was wielded by a Nord known as the Lost Paladin, who died with the blade at Forelhost in Skyrim. In 4E 201, the paladin's spirit was encountered and slain by the Last Dragonborn, who then claimed Chrysamere.[13]


  • Though its origins are a mystery, Chrysamere's creation had to occur sometime after the invention of claymores by the Highland Bretons.[14]


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