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Lore:Mankar Camoran

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Mankar Camoran
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Mankar Camoran
Race Altmer/Bosmer Gender Male
Born 3E 267
Died 3E 433
Gaiar Alata
Next Ruler Vonos
Resided in Cyrodiil
Appears in Oblivion, Oblivion Mobile, Legends
Greetings, novitiate, and know first a reassurance: Mankar Camoran was once like you, asleep, unwise, protonymic. We mortals leave the dreaming-sleeve of birth the same, unmantled save for the symbiosis with our mothers, thus to practice and thus to rapprochement, until finally we might through new eyes leave our hearths without need or fear that she remains behind. In this moment we destroy her forever and enter the demesne of Lord Dagon. — Mankar Camoran, Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes

Mankar Camoran was the leader of the Mythic Dawn, a cult of Mehrunes Dagon worshippers that assassinated Uriel Septim VII in 3E 433 in an attempt to destroy Nirn.[1]



In 3E 267,[nb 1] during the final battle against the Camoran Usurper, refugees from across Tamriel had gathered in the city of Dwynnen. One such refugee was a frightened Bosmeri woman by the name of Kaalys. When the battle began at sea, she was struck ill, injured, and began to feverishly scream that Mankar was coming and would destroy them all. Most initially assumed she was referring to the Usurper. An injured Bosmeri scout and former ally of Haymon, Orben, soon recognized Kaalys as the former mistress of Haymon, from before both Orben and her turned traitor and fled. She continued to scream about the coming of Mankar, yet Orben claimed he had no idea who "Mankar" could be and stated it was not one of the Usurper's aliases. At the climax of the battle, when the docks of Dwynnen were set aflame, Kaalys vanished. When Orben inquired to the healers about where she went, they claimed that she had, surprisingly, given birth and must have fled with her child, the apparent son of Haymon Camoran. He pressed them for more info, but all they could tell was the child's name, Mankar Camoran.[2]

Dagonite RoadEdit

Little is known about Mankar's life after his mother fled with him into the wilderness of High Rock, eventually Mankar Camoran would take to worshipping the Daedric Prince of Destruction Mehrunes Dagon. Mehrunes Dagon chose Mankar as his mortal champion and gave him the artifact book Mysterium Xarxes which was penned by Dagon himself.[3] Mankar pored over these writings taking away many metaphysical implications from them that he then wrote down in the Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes. Mankar also bound himself to the Xarxes using unholy rituals, in doing so he was able to create his own plane of existence known as Paradise, Gaiar Alata.[3]

Mankar had two children, a daughter named Ruma and a son named Raven. The implication behind their births are shrouded in metaphor in their own right, with Ruma said to have given birth to herself and her brother Raven.[UOL 1] Also Mankar Camoran implies in his Commentaries that Ruma chose not to follow in his footsteps in worshipping Merhrunes Dagon and so Mankar cannibalized her and "made another one" her twin, who embraced the worship of Dagon and thus earned the love of Mankar.[4]

Mankar believed the Nine Divines to be traitors to Lorkhan, whom he believed was a Daedric Prince whose plane of Oblivion was Dawn's Beauty: Tamriel. The assassination of the Emperor was intended to break the covenant which protected Nirn from Oblivion and launch a Daedric invasion by Mehrunes Dagon into Tamriel. While Mankar managed to gain possession of the Amulet of Kings, he ultimately failed to dispose of the last remaining heir, Martin Septim. While Mankar waited in Gaiar Alata for the barriers between Nirn and Oblivion to dissolve, he was hunted down by the Hero of Kvatch and slain.[1]


  • ^  Camoran's Commentaries were said to have been contemporary with Tiber Septim, written over 400 years before 3E 433, conflicting with Mankar's alleged birth year of 3E 267.[5]
  • While his race in Oblivion was Altmer, the Legends card released in the Jaws of Oblivion expansion categorizes him as both Altmer and Bosmer, solidifying his ties to the Camoran Usurper.[6]
  • Mankar was able to wear the Amulet of Kings, which can only be done by a Dragonborn.[3][7] It is unclear if he had always been a Dragonborn, or if he gained the power as part of the transformative experience described in the Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes.
  • Game Director Todd Howard said of Mankar Camoran; "Terence Stamp plays kind of the-- you know, he's the bad guy, somebody who comes from a different line of kings... who wants to make this world his own. So he's kind of a priest. You know, he's not a cackling maniac. We like to have our bad guys be a little grayer. We want that moment where the player goes like... Maybe he's right."[8]

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