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Lore:The Agent

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The Agent
Race Unknown Gender Unknown
Born 3E 375
Died 3E 417
Illiac Bay
Resided in Illiac Bay
Appears in Daggerfall
The Agent wrapped in a cloak

The Agent, also known as the Hero of Daggerfall,[UOL 1] (b. 3E 375)[1][nb 1] was an operative of the Blades,[2] sent by Emperor Uriel Septim VII to the Kingdom of Daggerfall to exorcise the spirit of King Lysandus, and on a lesser request to find and destroy a letter of a "sentimental and personal nature" sent by the emperor to the then-Queen of Daggerfall, Mynisera, several years prior.

The Agent would end up caught in the complex political battles being fought in Iliac Bay, eventually finding themselves in a power struggle between the Empire, the various kingdoms of the region (including the Orcs of Nova Orsinium), the King of Worms Mannimarco, and the mythical Underking himself, all seeking to claim the great Numidium.[3][4]

While it remains unknown who the Agent ultimately decided to give control over the Numidium to, its activation in 3E 417 would cause the Warp in the West and reshape the landscape, both politically and literally, of the Iliac. They disappeared immediately after the Warp, with the Blades being unable to contact them despite their efforts to resolve the paradoxical and contradictory reports of the event.[2] It is presumed the Agent died by the Numidium's hand when activating it for themselves.[5][UOL 2][UOL 3]


  • 1 
    This birth date is contradicted by several of the background histories possible for the Agent in Daggerfall's character creation.
  • ^ 
    The gender of the hero is never canonically confirmed and ultimately player determined. However, they are identified as male in some texts.[2]



Note: The following references are considered to be unofficial sources. They are included to round off this article and may not be authoritative or conclusive.

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