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ON-creature-Kaalgrontiid 03.jpg
Race Dragon Gender Male
Born Dawn Era
Died 2E 582
Resided in Halls of Colossus
Appears in ESO, Legends

Kaalgrontiid, who is known as the "emerald sovereign of wrath and terror",[1] was a Dragon whose name means "Champion of the Bound Time" in the Dragon Language.[2] He sought-after the lunar power of the moons to become the Dark Aeon, a New Moon to become the new third moon,[3] all in hopes to become the equal of Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time.[4]


Late Merethic EraEdit

Kaalgrontiid is believed by some to originate from Alduin's rage in Atmora and Skyrim, having been driven to split off from the bulk of his kin in the north in order to sate his own pride and ambition. This behavior is considered normal for dragons, who are naturally driven to seek mastery.[5]

When Elsweyr was composed of sixteen kingdoms, he and his rage of dragons came to dominate the land and above all, consume the Moon's lunar power. Kaalgrontiid in particular hoped that with the Moon's power, he would become Akatosh's equal.[4] To stop them, The Khajiit hero Khunzar-ri recruited four companions, Nurarion the Perfect, Flinthild Demon-Hunter, Anequina Sharp-Tongue, and Cadwell the Betrayer.[6] When fighting them proved to be futile, Cadwell suggested that it may be best to convince the dragons that they were now a willing part of their plans. In preparation, Anequina attuned to Shadow Dance Temple, incited the moons to align to form an eclipse, allowing the Moon Gate of Anequina to open a portal the Plane of Jode, where the object the dragons desired, Jode's Core, rested. The dragons' ambitions would be their undoing, as the dragons accessed the Plane of Jode, but Khunzar-ri convinced them to not simply absorb the power of the core like they originally intended, but instead store their energy within it in the guise that they would combine the lunar power with their own.[2][7] The gamble worked, and the dragons were weakened enough for them to retreat back into the wilderness.[6] To finish the job, Khunzar-ri once again convinced the dragons to play a part of his scheme. He managed to lure them into the Halls of Colossus, where he managed to seal them away. The Dragons would be obscured as "demons" in legends, and become the fabled "Demon Weapon". Their power would be coveted by many people.[6]

Second EraEdit

After the retrieval of the fabled Wrathstone in 2E 582, the Imperial battlemage Abnur Tharn inadvertently unleashed the Dragons from their containment from the Halls of Colossus, thus allowing them to continue in their quest for the lunar power of Jode's Core.[8] The Dragons allied themselves with the forces of Euraxia Tharn, who was led to believe that the Dragons were complacent with being used as tools. The Dragons were quick to cross Euraxia when she was no longer of use to them, and was left without their aid against the forces of Elsweyr Defense Force, which was allied with the Vestige.[9] This turn of events resulted in her death and the return of Rimmen to Khajiiti control.[9] With Euraxia's forces lacking a leader, they allied themselves with the Dragons in fear of their wrath.[10] The Dragons were eventually able to force their way into the Plane of Jode where Kaalgrontiid began consuming the core's power.[11] With the help of the Vestige, the descendant of queen Anequina, Khamira, was able to banish Kaalgrontiid from the plane and into the void before he was able to fully absorb the lunar power.[11]Having still managed to absorb incredible power, consisting primarily of the lifeforce of his fellow dragons sealed within the Core as well as a lesser amount of lunar energy, before his banishment, Kaalgrontiid managed to eventually make his way back to Nirn[12][3].

While recuperating from his loss, Kaalgrontiid's lieutenant Laatvulon was tasked with creating a cult in his master's name. He exploited the Khajiit, who were distraught over events such as the devastation caused by the Planemeld, further exacerbated by the Dragons ravaging Elsweyr.[13] Seeing the god-like power of the dragons, and feeling as though their own gods had been negligent, they looked to appease the dragons for protection instead of opposing them. As a result, the New Moon Cult was created, and Laatvulon chose the Khajiit Ra'khajin as his Dragon Priest. With the promise that the cult would ascend alongside their masters and that Ra'khajin would have the glory of becoming their spiritual leader as the Mane, Kaalgrontiid gained a valuable asset in manpower for his operations.[14]

Kaalgrontiid was eventually able to regain his composure and made his way into Pellitine, finding that his underling Laatvulon had failed him. Kaalgrontiid took command of the remnants of the New Moon Cult and ordered them to do his bidding.[3] Kaalgrontiid planned to siphon the energy he obtained from Jode's Core through a giant cluster of Aeonstone, hoping that he would become empowered.[3] These stones would then be used to empower Dragons and collected on the island of Dragonhold.[3][15] Eventually, the island's massive collection of aeonstone was utilized by Kaalgrontiid in hopes of ascending to godhood and fulfilling the Prophecy of the New Moon.[3][15] If Kaalgrontiid were to succeed, he would fulfill an ancient prophecy and become the Dark Aeon, becoming the third moon. The creation of this New Moon "presages a time of darkness and the birth of a new supreme being",[3] and it would ultimately threaten to unravel the tapestry of time itself.[16]

To prevent anyone from disrupting his plans, Kaalgrontiid utilized the energy of the Aeonstone to create an aegis, a massive and impenetrable ward, around the ancient fortress of Dragonhold.[3][15] and The Dark Aeon also began corrupting those near Dragonhold, turning them into crystalline beings.[15] Through the combined efforts of Nahfahlaar, the reformed Dragonguard, and Queen Khamira's forces, Kaalgrontiid was slain, and his rage of dragons were defeated. [17]



  • Some scholars have speculated that a dragon's soul, once severed from its body, may become spread thinly across the world, effectively dissolving over time, or return to it's point of origin to join Akatosh. As Kaalgrontiid's body was destroyed upon death before any other dragon absorbed his soul, this may help explain his ultimate fate.[5]

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