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Peryite, also known by the title of the Taskmaster, is one of the Seventeen Daedric Princes that dwell within the realm of Oblivion. Although he is typically depicted as a green four-legged dragon (and often takes on the form of one), Peryite is considered one of the weakest of the Princes. His sphere of influence includes tasks, natural order (to not be confused with the perfect order of Jyggalag), and pestilence.

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Phynaster the Guardian is the hero-god of the Summerset Isles. While he is not part of the main of Aldmeri Pantheon, his worship is maintained through significant cults throughout the province. He taught the Altmer to extend their lives a hundred more years, simply but shortening their stride. Phynaster is associated with the Ring of Phynaster, that comes and goes throughout time, between different warriors. It has been attributed to his longevity, but also his undoing. It is believed that an ancient faction, the Wharf Rats, killed Phynaster for his ring and when he was buried at the Forest of Elborn, they took it for themselves.