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Padomay, also called Padu, Sithis, Akel, El, The Dark, Serpent, Evil, Kota, and Fadomai, is the quintessential form of change. One of the two primal forces, the other being Anu, Padomay is the personification of the primordial force of Chaos and Change who dwells in the Void. In relation to Anu, Padomay is also known as His Other and his double. One of many creation myths paint Padomay as Anu's brother, and the interplay between them created Nir, a personification of the Aurbis. Padomay was embittered by the love between Anu and Nir, and sought to destroy their love child, Creation. He killed Nir and sundered Creation, but Anu salvaged the remnants, then saved them from further harm by pulling his brother and himself outside of Time forever.

Gods with a "Padomaic" basis include most Daedric princes, who, as the Blood of Padomay, represent the forces of change, as does his "son" Lorkhan. His blood and Anu's mingled to create the Aedra, giving them the capacity for both good and evil.

Alternatively, Khajiit mythos does not make these distinctions and has Daedra, Aedra, and Magna Ge entities alike composed of the blood of both Ahnurr and Fadomai.


Peryite (listen) is one of the Seventeen Daedric Princes that dwell within the realm of Oblivion. As the Daedric Prince of Pestilence, his sphere of influence includes tasks, natural order (not to be confused with the perfect order of Jyggalag), contamination, and pestilence. Peryite's sphere is described as "ordering the lowest orders of Oblivion". He is also known as the Daedra of Pestilence and Plague, the Taskmaster, the Blighted Lord, Figuring father, the Lord of Infection and Pestilence, the Bringer of Disease and Pestilence, the Lord of the Natural Order, the Master of Tasks, and the Lord of Abundant Pus and Bountiful Vomit. Peryite "blesses" his worshipers with diseases, and is considered one of the more destructive Princes. He is typically depicted as a green four-legged dragon, and often takes on the form of one, with the likeness to Akatosh seen as some primordial and curious jest. Peryite occasionally appears as ghostly apparitions of vermin, such as skeevers. The coiling, snake-like dragon and the skeever are two of Peryite's most sacred symbols. The Nordic goddess Kyne is said to give Peryite the spirits of skeevers when they die.

Peryite is considered one of the weakest of the Princes.

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Phen was an obscure entity of importance to the inhabitants of the Iliac Bay area. Phen was worshipped there as of the Third Era. Shrines to him, known as Shelters of Phen could be found in regions of Hammerfell such as Abibon-Gora, Alik'r, Bergama, Dragontail Mountains, Lainlyn, Satakalaam, and Totambu. Shelters of Phen were also found in the province of High Rock, in regions such as Kingdom of Daggerfall, Dwynnen, Glenumbra Moors, Ilessan Hills, Shalgora, Wrothgarian Mountains, and Ykalon.


Phynaster the Guardian, the Preserver, the Wayfarer, is the hero-god of the Summerset Isles. While he is not part of the main Aldmeri Pantheon, his worship persists through significant cults throughout the province. He taught the Altmer to extend their lives a hundred more years, simply by shortening their stride. Phynaster is associated with the Ring of Phynaster, that comes and goes throughout time between different warriors. It is said to be the source of his longevity, but it may have also been his undoing. It was rumored that the Wharf Rats killed Phynaster for his ring and when he was buried at the Forest of Elborn, they took it for themselves.

Pocket CabalEdit

The Pocket Cabal was one of the eight monster children from the unholy union of Molag Bal and Vivec. It is said to have hidden itself in the spell-lists of the great Chimeri wizards of the extreme east, which later became the House Telvanni. Vivec ventured to slay the monster, but the tenuous sense-fabric he wore drew out a giant bug. Inside the insect was the most powerful eastern wizard, who scolded Vivec for creating the monster. In retaliation, Vivec stabbed the wizard through his soul. The monster was eventually destroyed by Vivec, who contained it in a dome-head demon and warned Seht never to release it into the middle world.