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King's Haven Pass
Type Mountain Pass
Continent Tamriel
Province Summerset Isles
Region Summerset Isle
Appears in Arena, ESO
King's Haven Pass ca. 2E 582

King's Haven Pass (or simply King's Haven) is a valley path that runs through the northern mountain, Eton Nir, found in the province of the Summerset Isles. This mountain pass was once a prominent trade route that connected the cities of Corgrad and Shimmerene, both found on two sides of the island,[1] but it was later abandoned and contain the region's population of Goblins, who escaped to these highlands following the Elven incursion of the islands.[2] The village of Kings Haven (also spelled Kingshaven)[3] was active throughout the reign of the Third Empire.[4]


The Goblins are said to originate from the Summerset Isles but were later heavily exploited by the elves that populated the archipelago. As they became the province's slave force, some of them fled and continue to thrive in the province's most isolated areas, such as Eton Nir or the highlands near Tanzelwil.[2] But there is a unique history between the Altmer and the Goblins, all of which revolved around King's Haven Pass. Scouts of the King of Alinor discovered the passage, claiming that it would make a perfect outpost, sighting its natural defenses, the network of caverns, and the fertile land, but it was inhabited by the Coral-Splitter Tribe of Goblins, who lived off the wealth of the land as an agrarian society.[5] Because of their uncommon hospitality, the High Elves were able to establish trade with the Coral-Splitters, bargaining for the ore in the caves.[6] As the situation grew for the better, the King of Alinor became wary about the dealings since theses goblins did not swear their undying loyalty to them, so he orchestrated an agreement with the Coral-Splitter's chieftain for the crags in the east,[1] but it did not go through. What followed was a great battle between the elves and the goblins that ended their relationship forever.[7]

The events that surrounded King's Haven were lost to time, only preserved through old records kept in the ruins of the outpost and coral monoliths that depict the history.[8] Nowadays, the only inhabitants of the valley are the goblin tribes and hermits,[9] and because of the dangerous and wilder nature of the region, the Cult of Phynaster often make pilgrimages through the passage, who considered it a test of faith to the hero-god.[10] During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late-Third Era, the village of Kings Haven was an active settlement. It was ruled by Lord Mithllon and it had a rivalry with Old Falls.[4] Kings Haven was neighbored by several settlements, including Cloudrest to the south, Corgrad Wastes to the southwest, and Graddun Spring to the west.[11]

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