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Sacred LilyEdit

Sacred Lilies

Sacred Lily is a rare water plant with a bright blue flower. This swamp flower is considered sacred to the Naga-Kur[1] and is collected during the trials of their young, prospective warriors.[2] The plant grows in the pools at the end of the Path of the Lily in Murkmire.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Sacred Lily

Sacred LotusEdit

Sacred Lotus

Sacred Lotus is a water plant with a showy display of petals and a gold center in the flower. There are always some lily pads nearby. It can be found growing in most ponds and lakes in Cyrodiil.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Sacred Lotus Seeds


Found in:



Salloweed is a variety of aloe plant that grows on Auridon. Its leaves and stalks produce a thick sap[3] which can be used in medicinal salves.[4] The salloweed's unique properties also allow it to be used as topical sedative.[5] The plant itself is not dangerous, except if it is eaten.[6]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Salloweed

Salt DaisyEdit

Salt daisies are flowers found in Murkmire.[7]

Found in:

Salt RushEdit

Salt rush

Salt Rush is a plant which grows in clumps in the marshes of Murkmire, it is known to have needle-sharp leaves.[8] It is used as an ingredient in the creation of artificial Toad Musk.[9]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Salt Rush



Saltrice is an abundant, yet nutritious plant and crop that grows in the province of Morrowind[10] and Elsweyr.[11] The commonality of Saltrice plays importance to the culture of Morrowind, and even the history of the Great House Dres, who live in the southeast region around their capital city, Tear. They built their expansive fortune from years of harvesting this plant and the slave industry that they currently spearhead.[12] Fermented saltrice is brewed into the popular drink, Mazte, which has a negative effect on one's wit and judgement.[13]

There is a market for Saltrice across the Empire, exported by the East Empire Company.[14] Normally, it comes from the southeastern region, but by the late Third Era, there have been several more plantations growing from the Ascadian Isles on Vvardenfell.[15] Saltrice also grows in abundance in the fertile valleys around Kragenmoor.[16] The plant shares its name with the Dunmeri martial art, Salt Rice, which is practiced by the Dissident Priests.[17] Saltrice is commonly used as kwama feed.[18]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Saltrice

Samar PekoeEdit

Samar Pekoe

The Samar Pekoe is a rare shrub found in the southern jungles of Anequina, specifically in the caves known as the Tangle. The leaves are said to smell pleasant and citrusy. They are harvested for tea, which is very popular among the Baandari Pedlars.[19]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Samar Pekoe Leaves

Satakal's BlossomEdit

Satakal's Blossom

A rare flower found in the Alik'r Desert. It's known for its hallucinogenic properties and is sometimes used by the Ash'abah in rituals.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Satakal's Blossom

Scarlet SawleafEdit

A Scarlet Sawleaf

Scarlet Sawleaf are small red plants that grow in the Spiral Skein, Mephala's Realm.

Found in:



Scathecraw is a long, tough reddish grass growing in the thermal ash regions of the Ashlands, Molag Amur, and Red Mountain regions of Vvardenfell. The plant also spread to the ashlands of southern Solstheim after the Red Year. The rieklings of Solstheim call it redgrass and ritualistically burn it. The soft inner flesh of the plant can be used in alchemy.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: ScathecrawMW, ScathecrawDB

Screaming MawEdit

Screaming Maw Plants

Screaming Maw is a yellow pod-like plant native to the Shivering Isles, found in the cave systems of the Mania region.

Harvested Ingredient: Screaming Maw

Scrib CabbageEdit

Scrib Cabbage

Scrib Cabbage is a green, leafy domesticated plant. It is grown in planters throughout the city of Mournhold in southern Morrowind. It is named after the Scrib, the larval form of Kwama.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Scrib Cabbage

Scuttle BloomEdit

A scuttle bloom

Scuttle Blooms are plants that grow in Murkmire. Easily startled, they will retract their "legs" and burrow into the ground to protect themselves when they detect danger. Scuttle blooms produce a honey-like substance.

Found in:

Sea GrapesEdit

A Sea Grapes tree
Found in:

Sedge GrassEdit

Sedge grass are greenish-white shoots of tundra grass that grow in Wrothgar. Echatere are known to graze upon it, giving it the nickname "Tundra Hay." Patches that grow near the open water are naturally saltier. Sedge grass is sometimes used in Orcish cuisine.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Sedge Grass


Seriweed is a broad-leafed bush that is covered in hairs, and grows in Black Marsh. It is incredibly rare, and is a powerful curative, which will warm the mixture when added to the proper reagents and give those afflicted by poison a swift and painless recovery.[20]

Found in:


A cluster of Shadowpalm mushrooms

A bio-luminescent purple fungus species spotted in Murkmire and the Spiral Skein. Sitting upon tall, strong stalks, the caps of these mushrooms have a glowing, feathery growths draping down between large fronds.

Found in:


A collection of Sundas Top Hats, with some sporting shamrocks

Shamrocks are small three-leaved plants most commonly associated with the city of Camlorn in High Rock. They are considered lucky, and wearing a shamrock is said to grant the "Luck of the Iliac". It is fashionable in Camlorn to wear a particular style of top hat on Sundas to herald the coming of spring in Glenumbra; these buckled hats may or may not sport a shamrock, or a bouquet containing shamrocks.[21][22][23] Shamrock symbology is also associated with the historical Dawnwood region of Cyrodiil. In the Second Era, this region fell under the influence of the Green when ancient Ayleid magic caused the Valenwood to rapidly grow and expand across the border and into Imperial territory.[24]

Found in:


A Silverbloom plant

A plant native to Galen considered to be a delicacy by the Maormer. There is an argument about whether these bulbous growths are fruit or flowers.

Found in:


A Silverweed plant

A low-lying plant with orange flowers whose fibers can be spun into thread and used to make Silverweave clothing.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Silverweave

Singing TuberEdit

Singer tubers are a violet-streaked hybrid of leek, carrot, and nirnroot created by the Druids. It is known to be used in salads, where it is thinly sliced and tossed with shallots and a moon-sugar vinaigrette.[25]

Found in:

Skygazer PeonyEdit

Skygazer Peony

A flower with fragrant blossoms, found in the Stormhaven region of High Rock.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Fallen Blossom

Sleeping TreeEdit

The Sleeping Tree

The Sleeping Tree is a strange leafless tree found in Whiterun Hold in Skyrim. It grows in a misty pool beside a small cave now named after the tree. A giant encampment also named for the tree surrounds it. Several legends exist on the origins of the Tree. Some say that a piece of rock was blasted from Red Mountain during the Red Year and landed in Skyrim, and the Tree grew from the resulting crater. Others say that it grew from a spore which fell from a "floating island", referring to Umbriel, in which case the Tree is one of the Hist "cousins" of Umbriel.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Sleeping Tree Sap

Slough FernEdit

Slough Fern

Slough Ferns grow in shallow pools of water in the Bitter Coast region of Vvardenfell.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Spore Pod

Snow BlossomEdit

Snow Blossom

Snow Blossom is known to grow near the village of Snowline, located in the Dragontail Mountains.

Found in:

Snowberry BushEdit

Snowberry bush

Snowberry bushes grow throughout many snowy holds in Skyrim.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Snowberry

Snow LilyEdit

Snow Lilies

Snow lilies are a variety of white lily.

Found in:

Snow TruffleEdit

A dark, fist-sized fungus with a pleasant smell found in Wrothgar. They grow near Clan Shatul's lands, where Echatere are used to find these delicacies beneath the snow.

Found in:


Somnalius Plant

Somnalius is fern-like green leaves arranged around two or three central stalks on top of which a single bulb of seeds grows. It originates in the Black Marsh, and may also be found throughout the Great Forest and West Weald of Cyrodiil. Its scent can be used to put people to sleep.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Somnalius Frond

Solstheim PineEdit

Solstheim Pine
Found in:

Soul HuskEdit

Soul Husks

Soul Husks are tubular, fungus-like structures that grow in the Soul Cairn. They are notable as being one of the only forms of life found in the realm. They can be eaten as a source of food, or used to protect the imbiber's soul from being drained through interaction with the Ideal Masters. Eating them also grants resistance to magical attacks. Soul Husks can be purified into an extract through alchemy, which provides more substantial magical effects. Souls trapped in the Soul Cairn have been known to use the husks as a form of currency.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Soul Husk


Found in:

Spiddal PlantEdit

Spiddal Plant

The Spiddal plant, a sickly yellow flower with sharp stems, grows in abundance in the more hostile Planes of Oblivion, particularly Mehrunes Dagon's Deadlands. The plant releases a poisonous yellow gas as a defense mechanism, although dead and domesticated specimens don't. Their stems (or "sticks") are highly sought by alchemists.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Spiddal Stick


Found in:

Spiky GrassEdit

Spiky Grass

Spiky Grass grows by water in the colder regions of Tamriel. Its grass pods can be used in alchemy. Wild Spiky Grass is a rare variant of the species and can grow to immense heights in the right environment. Sometimes Spiky Grass can become ashen due to exposure to volcanic activity, which imbues its grass pods with different alchemical effects.

Found in:

Spiny LloramorEdit

Spiny Lloramor

Spiny Lloramor is large green cactus found throughout the city of Mournhold. The spikes are of interest to many alchemists.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Lloramor Spines


A Spongecap of the Button variety

A buttery-colored species of mushroom. The Button variety is native to the volcanic island of Vvardenfell, and is quite large. Spongecap mushrooms also grow in smaller varieties, often appearing in patches.

Found in:



Springmint is a rare, fragrant herb that only grows in the soil conditions present at high altitudes in southern Elsweyr. It has incredible healing properties, and was useful to healers in the second era who tended to patients wounded by Dragons.[26]

Found in:


Found in:

St. Jahn's WortEdit

St. Jahn's Wort

St. Jahn's Wort is a tall thin plant with a clump of small yellow flowers. It is found in the Great Forest and the Gold Coast of Cyrodiil.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: St. Jahn's Wort Nectar



Starblossom is a very rare plant which can be found in Murkmire. They are used in rituals by the Dead-Water tribe, whereupon they burn the petals and inhale the smoke which grants them visions, the power to fight "Kaju dream-beasts" and learn their "killing-names".

Found in:

Static PitcherEdit

Static Pitcher

Static Pitchers are a species of carnivorous plant which can be found in Murkmire. They capture prey by electrocuting creatures they detect wandering close.

Found in:

Steel Blue EntolomaEdit

Steel Blue Entoloma Mushrooms

Steel Blue Entoloma is a small mushroom with a domed cap and a relatively thin stalk. It is found growing mostly in the Great Forest of Cyrodiil.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Steel Blue Entoloma Cap

Stench SedgeEdit

Stench Sedge

A variety of reed native to the marshes of Murkmire and is known for its unpleasant aroma and sharp leaves.[27] It is used as an ingredient in the creation of artificial Toad Musk.[9]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Stench Sedge

Stendarr's WortEdit

Stendarr's Wort is an herb found in northwestern Tamriel. It can be used in healing poultices.

Found in:


An erupted Stinkcap

A tall species of mushroom native to the island of Vvardenfell with white spots near the edge of the caps. The caps of these mushrooms resemble umbrellas, with drooping "fringe."

Found in:



Stinkhorns are small claw shaped fungi found in Cyrodiil's cave systems and the Blackwood region.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Stinkhorn Cap, Stinkhorn



Stoneflower is a small blue flower commonly found in the Ascadian Isles and Azura's Coast regions of Vvardenfell.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Stoneflower Petals


A strangler

A dangerous, carnivorous plant found mainly in Valenwood and Black Marsh.

Found in:


Strawberry Bush

The Strawberry Bush is a short shrub found across the West Weald, with strawberries flowering from them.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Strawberry

Sugar DaisyEdit

Sugar Daisy

A pale flower that smells faintly of sugar, and only grows within the caves of Elsweyr.

Found in:

Sugar LeafEdit

Sugar Leaf

This edible plant is exceptionally sweet. It grows near Cropsford, and was the secret ingredient in a renowned chef's recipe for goblin food.

Found in:

Summer BoleteEdit

Summer Bolete

Summer Boletes are a short type of mushroom, easily distinguished by their golden-brown mottled cap. They grow mostly in the Great Forest and Nibenay Basin of Cyrodiil.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Summer Bolete Cap

Summerset SpruceEdit

Summerset Spruce
Found in:

Sun-Bronzed IvyEdit

Sun-Bronzed Ivy
Found in:

Swamp AnemoneEdit

Swamp Anemone

Swamp Anemone are anemone that grow on land that resemble sea anemones. They grow in both Deshaan and Vvardenfell and grow outside of swamp areas despite being called Swamp Anemone. They make a distinct slithery sound as they move their tentacles.

Found in:

Swamp TentacleEdit

Swamp Tentacles

Swamp Tentacles are a thick plant found hang from rocks and cliffs in the Dementia region of the Shivering Isles.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Swamp Tentacle



Sweetbarrel is a commonly found cactus-like plant that grows in Mournhold. Sweetpulp can be harvested from the plant.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Sweetpulp


Found in:


Found in:

Systres CavebloomEdit

A cluster of Systres Cavebloom

A plant native to the Systres, which can be used to create antidotes.

Found in: