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Online:Death Among the Dead-Water

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Rescue the Naga-Kur from self-destruction.
Zone: Murkmire
Objective: Dead-Water Village — Help save the Dead-Water tribe from extinction.
Quest Giver: Beel-Ranu
Location(s): Dead-Water Village, Path of the Lily
Reward: Tribal Spaulders Crate
Fire Rock Memento
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 6254
Ensure the next generation of warriors survive their trials
The Naga-Kur, or Dead-Water tribe, has sentenced Kishi, a member of the tribe, to death for interfering in the rites of passage and saving a few Nagas from certain death. One of the survivors asked if I could help Kishi.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find Bhoki.
  2. Rescue Kishi in nearby ruins.
  3. Tell Bhoki what you learned.
  4. Track down Kishi using the Fire Rock and Tamed Vine-Tongues.
  5. Get audience with Raj-Kaal Seelan for permission to perform the trials of the Naga-Kur.
  6. Travel to Path of the Lily.
  7. Walk the Path with Kishi and light the Signal Totems after completing each part of the trial.
  8. At the end of the trial, take a Sacred Lily back to Raj-Kaal Seelan.
  9. Listen to the Raj-Kaal's judgement and return to Bhoki's House to tell Kishi the news.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Bhoki is taken prisoner
Kishi is in a bit of a pickle

Beel-Ranu tells you that a fellow Naga-Kur has been unjustly sentenced to death for interfering in the rites of passage and saving her and several other young Nagas. You need to find Bhoki and tell him you want to help. When you enter his house, he will be gone, but a letter on a nearby table will remain. Read the letter and find Bhoki.

Go straight from Bhoki's front door and travel past the Smith, across the front of the Hist. Turn left at the end of the pavilion past where the novices are training. You will find Bhoki beneath an arched root. He is annoyed by your presence Speak with him.

Bhoki says that the raj-kaal is being stubborn. He doesn't want to hear about why Kishi saved the novices. He's a stick in the mud of tradition. You learn that Bhoki is the former ka-deelith, and that Bhoki intends to stand his ground and die with his son. After telling Bhoki that you can save him, he tells you where to find Kishi.

Kishi was taken to the ruins at the north end if the village. Kishi is bound to a pole in the ruins, faced with the giant Haj-Mota, Bogshell. Defeat Bogshell and release Kishi from his bonds. He will lead you to a nearby pavilion so you can talk. You tell him that Bhoki wishes for him to leave, to go far away and never return, but Kishi refuses to run. He is determined to keep the Dead-Water tribe from becoming nothing more than a memory.

When asked why he's so determined to oppose Mewah-Jez, he reveals that Mewah-Jez's methods have lead to novices dying as opposed to becoming strong. His clutch was the last to make it through the rites of ascension. He says that Bhoki was the war teacher before one mistake lead to his disgrace. Mewah-Jez took his place, and she has lost every clutch that she has trained, and she's blamed the novices for being too weak.

Kishi runs off after telling you to find Bhoki and tell him that Kishi isn't giving in. Bhoki is relieved that Kishi lives, and tells you to seek out his hidden camp so that you can help him carry out his plan to show the war-chief that there are better ways to train the novices. Take the Bag of Fire Stones from the back room of Bhoki's house. As you head out to leave, Mewah-Jez takes Bhoki captive. She plans to use him to lure Kishi back to the village.

Head southwest of the village. To find Kishi, you will need to use the Fire Stones. Throw them at the Tamed Vine-Tongues (they look like flower buds on fire, or yellow laced Strangler buds spewing orange smoke) you see around the place and it will pull you up to where it is. When you find Kishi, speak to him. Kishi tells you that he will use Bhoki's techniques to guide you through the Path of the Lily. When an outsider succeeds where Mewah-Jez failed, the tribe will realize their folly. Kishi needs you to speak with Raj-Kaal Seelan, for he is the only one who can give an outsider permission to walk the Path. He warns you to choose your words carefully, as the war-chief has a temper.

Use the fire stones to cross the quicksand pit, and go back the way you came to face the raj-kaal. Kishi appears as you approach the raj-kaal, and proclaims his will to guide you through the Path of the Lily. Mewah-Jez and the warriors bare their fangs and draw their swords, but the war-chief tells them to stand down. Speak with him. Once you've convinced Raj-Kaal Seelan to allow you to walk the Path, go to the site of the ascension rite. The Path of the Lily lies west of the village, northwest of the Deep Swamp Forge crafting area. Talk to Kishi and have him brief you on what needs to happen.

The first part of the Path involves the trial of movement. You will navigate the largest, deepest pools of quicksand in all of Murkmire using the vine-tongues. You've exhausted your supply of fire stones, but Kishi can use his arrows to attract the vine-tongues. According to Dead-Water tradition, Kishi cannot aid you directly, but he can perform small tasks for you. Such as invoking the vine-tongues. You must reach the signal totem and ignite it to show that you've completed the first challenge. Once you're done speaking with Kishi, enter the Path of the Lily.

Be careful of the Catapult Cabbages along the Path. They can knock you into the quicksand. Sneak and incapacitate them, then point the arrow Kishi gave you at a vine-tongue to have him provoke it and drag you safely across the pit. When you reach a fork in the road, take the left path. It will be easier to reach the next vine-tongue that way. Roll dodge across the small stretch of quicksand, and have Kishi pull you up the ledge with the vine-tongue. The signal totem is just up the path. Have Kishi light the signal totem with his flaming arrows, and begin the next challenge.

The next section of the Path is full of carnivorous fauna and dangerous beasts that you must sneak past or fight against. You are permitted to have Kishi incapacitate the carnivorous plants with his arrows. There are two signal fire totems for you to ignite on this section of the path. There are vine-tongues on this section of the path. You can use them to bypass the beasts along the path. This one is straightforward. Once you've lit both totems, find a safe place to talk to Kishi.

The third challenge is to defeat the guardian of the sacred lily, Deroh-Zah. Deroh-Zah is surrounded by a green aura and a damage shield. Occasionally, he will run to the center of the area and roar, shaking the magical protections off and causing a massive shockwave that fills the whole arena. When this happens, use the fire stones to activate a vine-tongue and leap to safety. Deroh-Zah is vulnerable after this and can be damaged, though he will soon roar and regain the shield and the aura. Kill Deroh-Zah and claim the sacred lily at the waterfall beyond.

When you have the sacred lily, return to the village and present the lily to the war-chief. Kishi will be named the new ka-deelith, and Mewah-Jez will work alongside him. Talk to Kishi after speaking to the raj-kaal. You can find him in Bhoki's house. Congratulate him on his new position and collect your reward for saving the Naga-Kur.


  • Kaska and Utazaw won't exist in the village before starting the quest.
  • The "Letter to Bhoki" won't exist inside his house before starting the quest.
    • Bhoki himself won't exist either near the Hist Tree before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • Kishi and Bogshell won't exist in the village ruins before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • While Kishi says that only the Raj-Kaal can grant access to the Path of the Lily, the area can be accessed prior to starting the quest or during the quest, before meeting the Raj-Kaal.
  • Raj-Kaal Seelan won't exist in the village before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • Despite being seen entering the Raj-Kaal's house after returning with the sacred lily, Mewah-Jez won't appear inside if you follow her in.


  • During the objective to free Kishi, two quest markers overlap each other, with one above Kishi and the other near the pole he is attached to. ?
  • In the Path of the Lily, it's still possible to signal arrows to be shot at vine-tongues while you are being pulled down by the quicksand, with the blackout occurring soon after. Once placed back at the safe point nearby, the vine-tongue still proceeds with pulling you, which can either result in you being pulled forward still, or pulled while remaining in place. ?
  • After pulling you and Kishi to the first vine-tongue on the Path of the Lily, it creates a loud audio loop once you arrive close to it that persist until you leave the spot it is in. ?
  • There is no animation for pointing the arrow to alert Kishi. ?
  • After igniting the first signal totem, it's possible to skip the main objective to speak to Kishi by simply continuing along the path. ?
    • If you do this, you don't have access to Kishi's ability to disable plants with his bow. ?
    • Once more, if you do this, once you have lit the next two totems, Kishi will stop following you and fail to appear at his intended spot after the rope bridge to continue on the next objective. ?
    • Logging out and back on makes him reappear.
  • During the scene back at the pavilion after acquiring the lily, Kishi leaves not long into the scene, saying he is taking his egg-sire home. However, Bhoki isn't at the pavilion then, and Kishi simply leaves alone. ?

Quest StagesEdit

Death Among the Dead-Water
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Beel-Ranu suggested that I start by talking to Kishi's egg-sire, Bhoki. His home is inside the Dead-Water village, on the western side of the Hist.
Objective: Find Bhoki
Bhoki doesn't appear to be at home. I should look around and see if I can discover a clue as to where I might find him.
Objective: Search Bhoki's House
I should use this verse to find Bhoki: "Stand before the blue flame at the top of the stair, then turn to gaze upon our Hist so fair, walk straight into its beguiling trance, and find what you seek beneath its protective branch."
Objective: Use the Verse to Find Bhoki
I followed the clues in the verse and found Bhoki sitting beneath the hollow of the Hist. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Bhoki
Kishi was taken to the ruins at the north end of the village to die. I need to find him and rescue him before a wild animal devours him.
Objective: Rescue Kishi
I rescued Kishi. I should talk to him and tell him what his egg-sire wants him to do now.
Objective: Talk to Kishi
{Kishi plans to continue to oppose Mewah-Jez, the tribe's war-teacher. He claims that her teaching methods have led to the deaths of at least six seasons of the tribe's novices. I should return to Bhoki and talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Bhoki
In order to reach Kishi's hidden camp, I need to grab a bag of fire stones to help me travel to his location.
Objective: Gather Fire Stones
I need to go into the swamp and use the fire stones on the tamed vine-tongues. Bhoki says that the plants will lead me to Kishi's hidden camp.
Objective: Find Kishi
I located Kishi's hidden camp. Now I should talk to him and let him know that Bhoki has been taken prisoner by Mewah-Jez.
Objective: Talk to Kishi
Kishi wants to mentor me and help me walk the Path of the Lily to prove that Bhoki's techniques are superior to Mewah-Jez's approach. To do this, we need to obtain permission from the tribe's war-chief, Raj-Kaal Seelan.
Objective: Go to the Raj-Kaal's Pavilion
Kishi and I need to talk to Raj-Kaal Seelan and convince him to allow me to take the Dead-Water rite of passage and walk the Path of the Lily.
Objective: Talk to Raj-Kaal Seelan
Raj-Kaal Seelan has agreed to let me walk the Path of the Lily. I should meet Kishi at the entrance so we can begin the rite of passage.
Objective: Go to the Path's Entrance
Before we enter the Path of the Lily, I need to speak to Kishi and see what I'll need to know before we begin.
Objective: Talk to Kishi
The first challenge of the Path of the Lily is to get past the quicksand and ignite the first signal totem. Kishi suggests I utilize his bow and arrows to make use of the tamed vine-tongues along the way.
Objective: Ignite the First Signal Totem
We ignited the first signal totem. I should talk to Kishi and learn about the next challenge.
Objective: Talk to Kishi
The next part of the Path requires me to get past poisonous plants. I can use Kishi's arrow to direct him to help me overcome the plants. During this challenge, I have to ignite two signal totems.
Objective: Ignite the Next Signal Totems
I completed the second challenge of the Path of the Lily. I should follow Kishi to a safe location so we can talk.
Objective: Find a Location to Speak to Kishi
I followed Kishi to a safe location. Now I should talk to him so he can advise me about the next challenge along the Path.
Objective: Talk to Kishi
I should use everything I learned to overcome the Path of the Lily's final guardian, Deroh-Zah.
Objective: Kill Deroh-Zah
I defeated the guardian of the sacred lily. Now I should take the flower and complete the rite of passage.
Objective: Take the Sacred Lily
I gathered the sacred lily and completed the rite of passage. Now I should return to the war-chief and present the flower to him.
Objective: Talk to Raj-Kaal Seelan
Raj-Kaal Seelan decided to make Kishi the new war-teacher and return to the methods used by Bhoki for training the novice warriors. I should go and tell Kishi the news.
Objective: Talk to Kishi
Finishes quest  Raj-Kaal Seelan made Kishi the new war-teacher. I should congratulate Kishi on his new position in the Dead-Water tribe.
Objective: Talk to Kishi
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