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Echateres are large mammals[citation needed] with tusks, pointed hooves, and large antlers. Found mainly in Wrothgar, they serve the Orcs as livestock and beasts of burden. They provide meat, fur,[1] vellum,[2] and milk for the Orcs.[3][4][5] Echateres are stubborn and ornery.[6] Those found in the wild are usually hostile, using their tusks and antlers when in battle, with capabilities to send shockwaves through the ground using their immense weight.[7]

Young echateres are called echalettes.[6] They are generally docile and fawn-like.[8] Badger Ruff Echalettes are black and white striped echalettes that are exceptionally irritable and fierce for young echateres. They've been known to chase away sabre cats.[8] During the spring, echalettes are occasionally born with temporarily spotted fur that helps them camouflage in the sun-dappled forests. This pattern fades as the echatere matures.[9]

Echateres are herbivores. They are known to eat sedge grass, snow truffles, and echatere moss.[10][11] They are also prized by Orcs for their ability to find and dig for snow truffles.[12]



  • Alongside Echatere being used as herdbeasts, Orcs are also believed to have herded unspecified "shaggy giant centipedes",[13] however some believe these accounts to be mythical.[14]

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