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Hackle-lo is a succulent leaf of the Grazelands, prized both for its taste and its roborative powers.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Hackle-lo Leaf

Hanging MossEdit

Hanging Moss inside a dungeon

A wall clinging plant found growing abundantly all across Skyrim.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Hanging Moss

Hanging PitcherEdit

Hanging Pitcher
Found in:

Harrada RootEdit

A Typical Harrada Root

Harrada Root is a plant native to the Deadlands, where it grows both outdoors and in caves. It will swipe its spiky roots as a defense mechanism.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Harrada

Hawkmoth CabbageEdit

Hawkmoth Cabbage
Found in:


A Hawthorn shrub

The berries from this plant are used in making poultices to aid the wounded. They are found near the settlement of Westtry in Glenumbra.

Found in:

Healer's PurseEdit

Healer's Purse is an herb found in northwestern Tamriel. It can be used in healing poultices.

Found in:

Heart of ValenwoodEdit

The Heart of Valenwood

The Heart of Valenwood is an ancient tree located in the Valenheart, the metaphorical heart of the Valenwood forest. In truth, the tree serves as a physical symbol of the forest's soul; the true Heart of Valenwood is suffused throughout the entirety of the forest. Nevertheless, life-giving power seems to emanate from the center, like lifeblood flowing from a heart.

Found in:



Heather is a common low evergreen shrub of the Ascadian Isles, known for its small, pinkish-purple flowers.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Heather


A grandmother hibiscus

These lovely red flowers can be found in several regions across Tamriel. They are popular garden flowers in certain parts of the Rift.

Found in:


Hist Tree

The Hist are a species of giant spore trees growing in the innermost swamps of Black Marsh. Argonians are known to have deep connections with the Hist, calling themselves "people of the root", and licking the leaking sap of their trunks in religious rites. Others claim the trees are, in fact, a sentient race, more ancient than all the races of man and mer.

Found in:

Hist BulbEdit

Hist Bulb

Hist Bulbs are a species of plants native to Murkmire and possibly other parts of Black Marsh. They have bioluminescent growths and produce a natural insect salve when threatened.[1] It is unknown if they are related to the Hist.

Found in:

Hoar Frost RootEdit

Hoar Frost Root

Hoar Frost Root is a plant known for its healing properties. It's one of the known medicines for the Lunar Chills disease.[2]

Found in:

Holly BushEdit

Holly Bushes

Holly Bush is a very common shrub that grows alongside bushes all across Solstheim.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Holly Berry

Honey FlowerEdit

Honey Flower

A sweet-smelling flower that grows in northern Elsweyr. It can be used as a substitute for honey if properly prepared.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Honey Flower


Red Honeysuckle
Found in:

Horn LilyEdit

Horn Lily

Horn Lilies are a purple flowering plant, domesticated by citizens of Mournhold.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Horn Lily Bulb


White Hosta
Found in:

Hummingbird MintEdit

A Hummingbird Mint plant

These orange flowering plants make lovely garden flowers, and are cultivated in many parts of Tamriel.

Found in:

Hydnum AzureEdit

Hydnum Azure Plants

Hydnum Azure are a bluish purple, spore producing shelf mushroom found growing in the Mania region of the Shivering Isles.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Hydnum Azure Giant Spore


Found in:

Hypha FaciaEdit

Hypha Facia Plant

Hypha Facia is a light brown shelf fungus collected from the trunks of trees in the Bitter Coast Region.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Hypha Facia