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Shivering:Swamp Tentacle

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Swamp Tentacle
Swamp Tentacle
Value 2 Weight 0.2
Alchemy Effects
1st Restore Personality Restore Personality
2nd Water Breathing Water Breathing
3rd Water Walking Water Walking
4th Fortify Health Fortify Health
# Samples 3
Plant Swamp Tentacle  % 80
# Plants 150 Total (144 in SI, 6 in buildings)
Swamp Tentacles

The ingredient Swamp Tentacle comes from the Dementia plant "Swamp Tentacle".

A variant of this ingredient, Deformed Swamp Tentacle, exists. However, the alchemical properties of the deformed variety are completely different, consisting of only Restore Fatigue.


3 guaranteed samples can be found, all of which are found:

It can also be found randomly in Ahjazda's inventory and in some loot chests.


The places with the highest concentrations of Swamp Tentacle are:

  • 9 plants are in SI exterior cell (6, 0) (map)
  • 8 plants are in SI exterior cell (2, 0) (map)
  • 7 plants are in SI exterior cell (-15, 0) (map)
  • 6 plants are in SI exterior cell (-9, -16) (map)

Map marker locations with high concentrations include:

6 can be found growing inside:

Locations of Swamp Tentacle plants