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Daedra ThornEdit

Daedra Thorn
Found in:


Starlight Daisies
Found in:

Darkshade GlowstalkEdit

A Darkshade Glowstalk

Darkshade Glowstalks can be found in Darkshade Caverns in Deshaan. They are bioluminescent and move in a tentacle like motion.

Found in:


Deathbell flowers

The Deathbell is a tall plant with large inverted bluish-purple blooms found throughout the Drajkmyr Marsh of Hjaalmarch. They are commonly used to create poisons, but are widely known across their native province, Skyrim for several folktales regarding death. One such story is that they grow where an unfortunate death has taken place. Another story entails that it grows normally and attracts unsuspecting travelers and animals to their doom. While there has been no known proof of these myths actually happening, the Deathbell is seldom found but using its petals in mixtures can surely increase one's alchemic abilities.[1]

In the early-First Era, the Dragon Priest of Forelhost, Rahgot had a large garden of Deathbell and ordered his head-alchemist to make poison for his entire cult to consume, before their stronghold was completely sacked.[2] Worshippers of Peryite use deathbell among other things to create an incense that allows them to commute with their Daedra Lord.[3]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Deathbell

Deathly BloomEdit

Deathly Bloom

A blue flower from Murkmire that grows where the dead lie. They have been seen prominently around the ruins of Bok-Xul.

Found in:

Desert FanEdit

Desert Fan
Found in:

Desert SunriseEdit

Desert Sunrise
Found in:

Dibella's PromiseEdit

Dibella's Promise
Found in:


A Dogwood Tree

Dogwood can be found in the wilderness of the isles of the Systres Archipelago.

Found in:

Domica RedwortEdit

A Domica Redwort Flower

Domica Redwort is an herb grown for their beautiful and showy flowers. They attain a height of about three feet and have feathery leaves; the flowers are usually bright red. In addition to their beauty, they are said to have magical abilities to enhance the appearance of anyone who carries or wears one of the flowers. Commonly grown in Valenwood, wild Redwort may also be found in Cyrodiil, where it grows primarily in the West Weald, with sparse occurrences in the Blackwood region and along the Panther River. Attempts were made in the Second Era to transplant it in the Summerset Isles. Some sources also refer to this plant as Adonis.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Redwort Flower

Dormant SunbirdEdit

Dormant Sunbird
Found in:

Douad ShrubEdit

The Douad Shrub has black branches that is used for decoration in the gardens of the Blue Palace in Solitude.[4]

Found in:

Draggle TailEdit

Ampoule Pods on the left, Coda Flower on the right

The primitive Draggle Tail reeds are found in the swamps of the Bitter Coast region of Vvardenfell. The immature state of the plant's fruiting body are called ampoule pods, which bloom into the luminescent coda flower. Draggle Tails are prized by alchemists for their modest magical properties.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Ampoule Pod, Coda Flower

Dragonfire IvyEdit

Dragonfire Ivy
Found in:

Dragon Scale MushroomEdit

Dragon Scale Mushrooms are exotic mushrooms found in Deshaan that are known for their magical essence. When combined with Kyne's Heart Healing Herbs and Sour Milk Tea, this fungus can be used to create a cure for the infamous Llodos Plague, which ravaged Deshaan during the Interregnum.

Found in:

Dragon's Tongue PlantEdit

A Dragon's Tongue Plant

The Dragon's Tongue is the common name for a fern-like herb that can be found across the provinces, but ideally they can be found in the Ultherus Swamp in Black Marsh[5] and the Dragon's Teeth Mountains, in the vicinity of Fang Lair in Hammerfell.[6]:127 It is a wildflower, whose name comes from the fiery-red fronds that protect the golden bloom. But despite its exotic look, it contains a deadly poison that is strong on touch against many people, however, it is said that Argonians are able to harvest them and use their sap to enhance their endurance.[5] Powdered Dragon's Tongue is used in desert travel to prevent chafing.[7] The Dragon's Tongue can also be found in the province of Cyrodiil, sparsely in the West Weald and in pockets across the Lower Niben and the Panther River.[8] It can also be found in Skyrim, specifically in the Aalto of Eastmarch.[9]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Dragon's Tongue


A Dragonthorn Plant

Dragonthorn is a fairly small thorny bush with bright yellow flowers sprouting across long, tangled stems. It can be found growing across Tamriel, particularly in Black Marsh. The ancient Argonians believed that chewing dragonthorn leaves helps the body prepare healthy eggs. The Bright-Throat Tribe grew it for brewing potions to aid in fruitful bonding.[10] Chewing dragonthorn leaves can lead to sour breath.[11]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Dragonthorn



Drinkers were blood-drinking flowers created by Amantius Allectus circa 3E 433 by hybridizing vampires and plants. Allectus believed the plants would prove a great benefit to the people of Cyrodiil, and grew them in his Imperial City basement by feeding them the blood of small animals. The fronds of the juvenile plants would wave as if in a breeze, despite the stillness of their environment. The Drinkers ultimately began to wither unless provided with human blood.[12] Allectus recognized the danger of these plants and destroyed his notes on the hybridization method, although the Thieves Guild stole his research diary.[13]

Found in:

Dryad's Saddle PolyporeEdit

A Dryad's Saddle Polypore

The Dryad's Saddle Polypore is a white, brown mottled shelf mushroom that is found in only a few select locations throughout Cyrodiil.

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Dryad Saddle Polypore Cap

Dunlain DaisiesEdit

Dunlain Daisy

A rare flower found near the town of Hoarfrost Downs, in the region of Rivenspire in High Rock.[14] Some people are known to be allergic to the flower.[15] The flower shares its name with the village of Dunlain Falls.

Found in:


A Durian tree bearing fruit

A variety of fruit-bearing tree which can be found growing in Southern Elsweyr. The fruit can be consumed and is used in cooking.[16]

Found in:

Durzog LichenEdit

A species of lichen found in Wrothgar that smells kind of like mint. Named so because they are spread around when Durzogs migrate, because the seeds get stuck between the beasts' toes. [17]

Found in:

Dusk MushroomEdit

Dusk Mushroom

A rare mushroom that grows in caves and ruins. They have a variety of culinary uses and are said to taste flavorful and meaty.[18]

Found in:
Harvested Ingredient: Dusk Mushroom