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This article is about the Abecean island. For the lake island, see Galen (lake island). For the person, see Galen (person). For the spirit, see Galen (spirit).

Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Region The Systres
Appears in ESO
The island of Galen

Galen is the westernmost island of the Systres archipelago, which is located northwest of High Isle and west of Y'ffelon.[1] Its main hub is the city of Vastyr, which was controlled by House Mornard during the Interregnum.[2] Druidic ruins on were discovered on Galen, fixing the idea of its Breton history into collective imagination.[3] The Druids of Galen were able to instill magic on Y'ffelon to balance nature and bring life to the land.[3][4] There are a variety of remote parts of the island.[5] Galen has three distinct biomes, from the colonized plains to the south, forests dotted with ruins to the wests, and dark dense jungles of the north.[6] Like the rest of the archipelago, it is volcanic,[7] and this is primarily seen in the area around Embervine, Ivyhame, and Llanshara near Y'ffelon.

The Druids of Galen's name predates them stepping foot on Galen and the rest of the Systres.[8] The origin is the name Galen itself is a mystery, however. Galen may have been the name of a Nede that became the first Druid Queen, the name of a lake island where the True Way first emerged, or the name of a spirit that taught the proto-Bretons the ways of Druidism.[9]


After leaving High Rock, the druids made the perilous voyage to the Systres. They used magic and terraformed Galen, along with High Isle and Y'ffelon.[3][4]

House Mornard once controlled the entire island chain, and their downfall began when Duke Avrippe Mornard bungled the archipelago's response to the Knahaten Flu in 2E 562; he compounded that failure by allying with King Ranser during Ranser's War between Shornhelm and Wayrest in 2E 566. As a result, High King Emeric stripped Avrippe and his house of their dukedom, reducing their rank to count and leaving them with only their mining concerns, their trade routes, and administration of the prison isle of Amenos.[2] As a result, Mornard moved its base of operations from High Isle to Galen and the city of Vastyr.[10] During the Three Banners War, the Dreadsails had been operating in the remote parts of Galen and Y'ffelon and the island lacked strong defenses; as such the rival House Dufort had no interest in protecting them.[5]

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