Home City Rimmen
Location Job Brokers' tent
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Baandari

Nisuzi is a Khajiit Baandari found at the Job Brokers' tent in Rimmen. She gives Delve daily quests while her colleague Ri'hirr gives World Boss quests.

Related QuestsEdit


When you approach her for work, she'll say a random greeting:

"You are looking for honest work, yes? Or something like honest work? Nisuzi has a task for you."
"Nisuzi has coin if you have the time. An honest day's work for an honest day's pay, yes?"
What's the job?
What can I help you with?

After you've accepted a job, she'll say a random greeting:

"Off you go, walker. Swiftly, now! Quick work brings quicker pay, yes?"
This one appreciates your help—and your discretion, yes?
Hurry back when the job is done!"

When you finish a job, she'll greet you with one of the following:

"Nisuzi welcomes you back, walker! Did you finish the job?"
"Bright Moons, you return!
Did you succeed in your task? Quietly, now."

After starting a daily quest, you have the option of asking about herself.

Who are you, again?
"Ah, this one's name is Nisuzi. Trader, fortune-teller, musician, seamstress … and sometime acrobat. We Baandari find joy in all trades!"
"Yes! The wandering litter of Baan Dar—father of bandits and exiles.
Many Khajiit find comfort in towns and cities, but not us. We love to travel, you see? As my mother says, a house without wheels is just a very expensive coffin."
The locals don't mind you parking your wagons here?
"Ha! Of course they mind!
House-born Khajiit tend to look down on us. They call us strays, vagrants, and thieves. But we do not mind. As Nisuzi said, Baan Dar adores pariahs and exiles. As long as we have his love, we need nothing else!"
If you don't get along with these house-born Khajiit, why are you here?
"For you, of course! Adventurers gather here in Rimmen, buying and selling, yes? When my clan has work to do, it only makes sense to go where the workers are.
So far, the guards have left us in peace. We will see how long that lasts, eh?"

Dousing the Daedric FlameEdit

"Nisuzi's clan often travels by lantern-light. Easier to avoid robbers and pesky guards at night, yes?
In the past, we fueled our lamps with oil from Darkpool Mine—a cavern to the southwest. But now, we must give it a wide berth."
"Mad cultists who worship Merrunz, the Fire-Cat, took the cave for themselves. We might have been able to sneak around them, but now they summon huge Daedra by the pawful!
If you ruin these silly summoning rituals, Nisuzi will pay you handsomely."
Fair enough. I'll disrupt the cultists' rituals in Darkpool Mine.
Any suggestions on how to interrupt the rituals?
"Hmm. Nisuzi finds that it is best to wait until mages fall asleep, then kick dirt on their runes. But these Merrunz cultists never sleep! They just chant and wander around, hissing at each other.
They did seem fascinated by their fires, though."
Their fires?
"Yes, ritual flames. This one thinks they can use them to call out to Oblivion … somehow.
If you snuff out the fires, maybe that would be enough? Only one way to find out, yes?"

Complete the task and return to her:

I disrupted the Daedric summoning rituals.
"Yes, Nisuzi can smell your victory from here! Sulfur, oil, and buckets of Daedra blood, yes?
This one cannot thank you enough, walker. A Baandari who cannot travel by night is no true Baandari. Please, take this, with our thanks."

Rifling Through RuinsEdit

"Baan Dar teaches us to be clever and swift, but wise most of all. Wisdom means foresight, yes? And no one peers into the future like a Baandari soothsayer.
The Moons have much to tell us, but we need bijous and talismans to hear their truth."
Bijous and talismans?
"Yes, magic trinkets! And Nisuzi knows just where to find them.
Seek out the Abode of Ignominy—a collapsed temple, filled with undead. Whoever raised them left many charms behind. Bring back three, or so, and this one will be very grateful!"
All right, I'll find three magic trinkets and bring them back.
What do you know about the Abode of Ignominy?
"Eh. Not much. The ruins smell like dry dung and sour meat. We rarely go there.
The Khajiiti people do not spit on necromancy—at least, we do not spit on it any more than we spit on other magics. But if you ask Nisuzi? It is just too gross."
And there's no other place I can find these trinkets?
"No. Other Baandari and dungy mages have picked most of the old ruins clean. So we go where the danger remains. Or, you know … we send you where the danger remains.
Like in all things, more danger means greater rewards, yes?"

Complete the task and return to her:

I found your trinkets.
"Ah, well done, walker! Hand them to me, quickly. Holding these too long can make you dizzy. Nisuzi found out the hard way when she stole … borrowed them from her Aunt Sihada.
Now, your reward, as promised! Walk with Baan Dar, friend!"

The Hungry Cat's FavorEdit

"Hmm. You will think us superstitious. Maybe you are superstitious, too?
We give thanks to Baan Dar for our quick wits and swiftness, but sometimes, strong claws and sharp senses serve us better. For those things, we call on the Hungry Cat, Hircine."
How do you call on Hircine?
"Great beasts stalk the Predator Mesa. Kill them, then collect their blood in this vessel. Once you have the blood, smear it on ritual altars dedicated to Hircine near the center of the Rise.
Do this, and the Hungry Cat will know we honor him."
All right, I'll kill these beasts and smear their blood on the altars.

Getting more information about the quest:

Why do you need Hircine's blessing, exactly?
"Nisuzi thinks you must be joking.
Dragons? Necromancers? Civil war? This one prides herself on her quick wits, but we cannot talk our way out of dragon fire, or sneak past every grave and tomb."
So, Hircine will make you stronger?
"Maybe. But only if you do this right!
Last time this one sent a clawless bumbler to the Mesa. He smeared one bloody thumbprint across a single altar. What's worse, the blood was his own! Ziss'vo, what an embarrassment."

Turning the quest in:

I honored Hircine, as requested.
"Yes, Nisuzi smells the blood on you. If this does not get the Hungry Cat's attention, I do not know what will!
You have our gratitude, walker. Khenarthi's breezes keep you safe!"

Tangled Tea LeavesEdit

"We Baandari indulge in many passions, walker. Song, dancing, sweet foods, stories …. But a cup of strong tea makes all these things better, yes?
Nisuzi knows a place called the Tangle, where precious tea shrubs grow thick as senche manes!"
So you need me to pick some tea leaves for you?
"Not just any tea! The Samar Pekoe! The finest tea in all of Tamriel.
Mmm. Such smooth, tanic flavor. Such a sweet, citrusy finish! The mouth waters at the very thought, yes? Pluck the finest, tenderest leaves, and Nisuzi will see you well-paid!"
All right, I'll go to the Tangle and pick some of this Samar Pekoe for you.
Is this tea really that good?
Imagine the finest beverage that ever touched your tongue. You have it in your mind, yes? That drink is like stale bilge-water compared to the Samar Pekoe. Like a ja'khajiit's pant-squeezings!"
If you say so. Should I be on the lookout for anything in the Tangle?
"Greedy bandits hide there. Khajiit-eating plants, too.
So, be careful, yes? With the tea leaves, I mean. Though, you should take care of yourself, too!"

Complete the task and return to her:

I found your tea.
"Ah, yes! Nisuzi can smell its citrusy aroma from here! Finally, we can stop sipping that pine-needle swill my uncle makes. Thank Baan Dar. And thank you, walker! Take this. You earned it, yes?"

The Serpent's StampedeEdit

"Musty old crypts do not frighten you, do they? No no no, of course not!
We need a five-clawed warrior to settle some business in the Tomb of the Serpents. Nisuzi's clan often plucks Akaviri snake-man relics from this tomb. Good for trading, you see?"
So, what happened?
"Some dungy wizard placed a hex on many of the relics. The spell draws minotaurs to the tomb. Minotaurs, walker!
Our soothsayer created a magic yowling-powder to chase this enchantment away. We just need you to sprinkle it on the relics. Simple, yes?"
All right, I'll find these enchanted relics and sprinkle your powder on them.
Are you sure this powder will work?
"Am I sure—? Yes! Of course! Nisuzi's chest swells with certainty!
Yowling-powder can fix most things, walker. Good for keeping pests away, chasing away bad dreams, scouring filthy pots and pans, and breaking enchantments. Just do not eat it!"
What's it made from?
"This one does not know. Maybe when Nisuzi grows old and infirm, our soothsayer will share the recipe.
She uses moon-sugar, I know that. Plenty of sulfur and lemon-peel, too. The rest? Difficult to say. She did ask for a Daedra heart last week …."
A Daedra heart?
"Yes. Like Nisuzi said, don't eat the powder!"

Complete the task and return to her:

I dispelled the magic on the relics.
"This is fabulous news! Nisuzi thinks it may take some time for the last of the minotaurs to move on, but the snake-men's treasures are not going anywhere!
Please, take this, walker. And the blessings of a grateful clan!"

Wisdom in the WindsEdit

"It concerns Euraxia's soldiers. Nisuzi's cousin, Hatha, says that many of these unclawed, soft-headed brutes gather in the Desert Wind Caverns.
They mean to pick the place clean—to claim all our people's wisdom. For them, nothing is sacred!"
So, what do you need me to do?
"Our friends in the adeptoriums treasure their scrolls. In sour times, these adepts hide our wagons—they give us shelter and warm food. It is only fair that we repay the favor, yes?
Please, snatch up some of these scrolls before the Euraxians do."
All right, I'll travel to Desert Wind Caverns and claim any scrolls I find.

You can ask her about the scrolls themselves:

"This one appreciates your help—and your discretion, yes?
Hurry back when the job is done!"
What kind of information do these scrolls contain?
"Nisuzi does not know. Instructions for delivering three-clawed death-punches, maybe? Or perhaps something less exciting, like ancient soup recipes.
The adepts will treasure it regardless, yes?"
Do you think Euraxia's troops are interested in soup recipes?
"Hmm. You make a good point, walker. It is probably the death-punches. Snatch them up, quick!"

After you have collected the scrolls:

I collected the ancient scrolls.
"Bright Moons! Our friends in the adeptoriums will drop their sugar-rolls when they see these.
Now, a good deed deserves good pay, yes? Here you go, walker. Come back soon!"
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