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Oblivion:Isolated House

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Isolated House
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Console Location Code(s)
West Weald
Between Bravil and Skingrad
Isolated House

The Isolated House is an unmarked house between Bravil and Skingrad.

It has no map marker (unless an Oblivion Gate has spawned at the location; see notes), and may therefore be difficult to find. It is just north of the "t" in "West" in the label "The West Weald" on the world map, against the corner of a cliff face. A short overgrown dirt path leads to the house from the west. With the Knights of the Nine official download installed, locating the house is easier, as it is just east of the Priory of the Nine added by the download.

The exterior of the house is of a style similar to that of many houses in Skingrad. Two barrels containing food are against the west wall, and a stump with an iron war axe on top is near the rear wall to the south. The following plants can be found in the area: 9 columbine, 3 domica redwort, 26 flax, 19 lady's smock, 2 motherwort, 8 nightshade, and 10 viper's bugloss.

The interior of the house has three stories, and is home to respawning bandits. The first floor has two chairs (one overturned) and a table holding a loaf of bread, four samples of corn, a leek, and common tableware, a set of shelves holding four apples and more tableware with a rake nearby, and an unlit fireplace. The second floor has two unowned single beds, a set of drawers containing clothing, and a cupboard containing clutter. The third floor is an attic with five crates and two barrels containing clutter.


  • The entrance to the house is unlocked.
  • Entering the house is not considered trespassing.
  • Both beds are free to use, and all items may be freely taken.
  • All exterior and interior containers respawn.
  • The house may be destroyed by an Oblivion Gate that spawns inside it, destroying all items inside the house in the process. This only happens if you approach the house after completing the quest Weynon Priory and before completing Light the Dragonfires; it is possible for the Oblivion Gate to spawn as you exit the house. If an Oblivion Gate does spawn in the house, it provides a   map marker for the otherwise unmarked location.