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Console Location Code(s)
CropsfordExterior01, CropsfordExterior02, CropsfordExterior03, CropsfordExterior04
Nibenay Basin
Southeast of the Imperial City, on the Yellow Road
Cropsford, fully built

Cropsford is a village southeast of the Imperial City (quest-related).

Due to its location between the lairs of two warring goblin tribes, the village was caught in the crossfire and largely destroyed. You will assist in its reconstruction during the related quest.

The settlement initially consists only of a collection of timber supports and partial foundations. After completing the related quest, the villagers make steady progress with construction until all buildings and features - consisting of two houses (Barthel Gernand's House and the Bincals' House) and a crop of five corn stalks and two wheat stalks - are complete. In the bedroom on the second floor of the Bincals' House, you will find a "Reward Chest" which refills with money every week; this is the reward for completing the quest.

The Construction of CropsfordEdit

In addition to the construction changes shown above, a few trees and bushes will appear and flower during and after the second stage of construction.

Cropsford PeopleEdit

Aloys Bincal [a]
Barthel Gernand [a]
Callia Bincal [a]
^aOnly present in the village after the quest Goblin Trouble.

Related QuestsEdit