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The Nine Divines faction comprises the people working at the Chapels in each of the major cities in Cyrodiil. Normally, you cannot join this faction; however, the Knights of the Nine official plug-in makes it possible to join the Nine Divines faction and achieve the rank of Pilgrim.

Each city has a chapel devoted to one of the Nine and specializing in an attribute or two, offering restore and fortify spells in that attribute. Kynareth is not represented in any city; Knights of the Nine adds the Shrine of Kynareth, located outside the cities. Additionally, each divine has 3-4 Wayshrines located in the wilderness. In order to receive blessings from the altars in the chapels, you must first have visited a Wayshrine to the same Divine first. The Wayshrines offer a blessing twice as potent as the same altar along with the restorative effects of the main altar.

Upon joining the faction, entering the chapel hall and the undercroft is no longer considered trespassing, taking items from the chapel is no longer considered stealing, and the sanctified dead in the undercroft will not attack unless the player's personality is under 30 or the player initiates combat.


Chapels and WayshrinesEdit

Divine Chapel Location Specialization Altar Blessing Wayshrine Blessing Wayshrine Locations
Akatosh Temple of the One Imperial City Speed Favor of Akatosh:
Fortify Luck & Personality 25pt/24hr
Jaws of Akatosh:
Fortify Speed 10pt/10min
1, 2, 3, 4
Chapel of Akatosh Kvatch Blessings of Akatosh:
Fortify Speed 5pt/5min
Arkay The Great Chapel of Arkay Cheydinhal Health Blessings of Arkay:
Fortify Health 10pt/5min
Breath of Arkay:
Fortify Health 10pt/10min
1, 2, 3
Dibella Chapel of Dibella Anvil Personality Blessings of Dibella:
Fortify Personality 5pt/5min
Dibella's Kiss:
Fortify Personality 10pt/10min
1, 2, 3
Julianos The Great Chapel of Julianos Skingrad Intelligence Blessings of Julianos:
Fortify Intelligence 5pt/5min
Scales of Julianos:
Fortify Intelligence & Magicka 10pt/10min
1, 2, 3, 4
Kynareth Shrine of Kynareth Great Forest Agility Blessings of Kynareth:
Fortify Agility 5pt/5min
Kynareth's Way:
Fortify Agility 10pt/10min
1, 2, 3
Mara Great Chapel of Mara Bravil Willpower Blessings of Mara:
Fortify Willpower 5pt/5min
Wisdom of Mara:
Fortify Willpower 10pt/10min
1, 2, 3
Stendarr Chapel of Stendarr Chorrol Endurance Blessings of Stendarr:
Fortify Endurance 5pt/5min
Heart of Stendarr:
Fortify Endurance 10pt/10min
1, 2, 3
Tiber Septim
Great Chapel of Talos Bruma Strength Blessings of Talos:
Fortify Strength 5pt/5min
Fist of Talos:
Fortify Strength 10pt/10min
1, 2, 3
Zenithar The Great Chapel of Zenithar Leyawiin Luck Blessings of Zenithar:
Fortify Luck 5pt/5min
Zenithar's Ear:
Fortify Luck 10pt/10min
1, 2, 3

Ranks and RelationshipsEdit

For a full list of ranks and relationships within the Nine Divines, see this page.