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Oblivion:Roland Jenseric's Cabin

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Roland Jenseric's Cabin
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Console Location Code(s)
RolandJensericsCabinExterior, RolandJensericsCabin
Between the Imperial City and Cheydinhal
Roland Jenseric's Cabin

Roland Jenseric's Cabin is a building between the Imperial City and Cheydinhal (quest-related).

It is at the end of a short cobbled path that runs north from the Blue Road, east of its intersection with the Red Ring Road. Imperial City resident Roland Jenseric and his girlfriend Relfina used to go here to "get away from the chaos of the city" before Relfina was tragically killed. As part of the related quest, you will visit Roland Jenseric one or more times in this cabin.

The exterior of the cabin comprises a simple lower-class wooden residence surrounded by trees and flowering bushes. Two barrels containing clutter are to the right of the main entrance, with two steel-blue entoloma growing nearby. During the main quest, an Oblivion Gate may open just up the hill northwest of the cabin.

The interior

The interior of the cabin resembles a romantic getaway, with a double bed and a roaring fireplace. Entering via the front door, to the right of the bed is a simple reading area with an empty bookshelf, an empty open chest, a chair, and a table holding a copy of Darkest Darkness. To the left of the bed is a set of drawers containing clothing with a copy of Fundaments of Alchemy on top, next to a chair facing the fireplace. To the left of the main entrance is a dining area with a cupboard containing food, two chairs, and a table. The table has a meal laid, with a bread loaf, a cheese wedge, two bunches of grapes, two pears, and cheap tableware; the table also holds a flawless diamond. Past the dining area are three barrels (two containing food, one containing clutter) next to the side entrance, with a third bunch of grapes on top of the clutter barrel.

Related QuestsEdit


  • The front entrance to the cabin is locked with a Hard lock, but can be opened if you possess the key held by Roland. The side entrance is unlocked. (With version 3.0.0 of the Unofficial Oblivion Patch installed, the side entrance is instead locked with a Hard lock, like the front entrance.)
  • Entering the cabin is considered trespassing.
  • The bed is not free to use, and taking any item is considered stealing.
  • All accessible exterior and interior containers respawn (see bugs).


  • A non-respawning sack containing clutter is almost entirely clipped inside the rear section of the clutter barrel near the side entrance. As such, it is inaccessible without using the tcl console command.