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Oblivion:Gottlesfont Priory

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Gottlesfont Priory
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Console Location Code(s)
GottlesfontPrioryExterior, GottlefontHouse, GottlefontPrioryMonastery
Great Forest
Between Chorrol and Skingrad
Gottlesfont Priory

Gottlesfont Priory is a settlement and chapel between Chorrol and Skingrad.

The settlement consists of two buildings (the house and the chapel) and a garden (including 4 corn stalks, 2 lettuce plants, 4 potato plants, 1 pumpkin vine, 4 radish plants, 3 tomato plants, and 1 watermelon vine; 10 lady's mantle plants and other common local sources of ingredients are also scattered about the area). The house is the main building, where a free bed, free harvested ingredients and food, and Sister Angrond and Sister Phebe Jeanard can be found. The altar in the small chapel is like any other, and will heal you of any ailments; the harvested ingredients near the altar are also free to take.

Gottlesfont Priory PeopleEdit



  • The location is sometimes called Gottlefont Priory and sometimes Gottlesfont Priory. The two interior cells use the no-'s' spelling, but the exterior cell on the map uses the 's'.
  • The music played inside the house and the chapel is the outdoor "default" type instead of "public", the norm for indoor areas.