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Oblivion:White Stallion Lodge

Oblivion: Places: Settlements
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White Stallion Lodge
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WhiteStallionLodge, WhiteStallionLodgeInterior
On the Green Road north of Leyawiin
White Stallion Lodge

White Stallion Lodge is a house north of Leyawiin.

It is the safehouse of the Knights of the White Stallion. You gain access to the lodge after being named a Knight of the White Stallion upon completing the Knights of the White Stallion quest for the Count of Leyawiin.

The lodge contains several weapons, two beds, and some barrels/crates, although nothing particularly useful or valuable is stored here. Food and other peripherals are also scattered throughout the lodge.

After completing the Knights of the White Stallion quest, the White Stallion Lodge is a safe and free house. The containers do not respawn and your friendly Orc roommate only eats the food.