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Oblivion:Pell's Gate

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Pell's Gate
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Console Location Code(s)
PellGateExterior, PellGateExterior02, PellGateExterior03, PellGateExterior04
South of the Imperial City, near the intersection of the Red Ring Road and the Green Road
Pell's Gate

Pell's Gate is a village with an inn south of the Imperial City (quest-related).

The village was previously the home of Umbra, the former apprentice of Irroke the Wide, whom you can speak to for information regarding her whereabouts during the related quest.

The settlement consists of two houses (Irroki the Wide's House and Shafaye's House) and The Sleeping Mare inn (although a bug prevents the publican from renting a bed to you). A Nirnroot plant is just outside the inn, by the southwest corner of the building.

The interiors of the houses and the inn feature no items of note other than six samples of ginseng and a Nirnroot plant in Shafaye's house.

Pell's Gate PeopleEdit

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  • Candice Corgine, the publican of the Sleeping Mare, doesn't give you the option of renting a bed for the night. If you really need somewhere to spend the night, you can pick the lock on the bedroom doors upstairs (which, surprisingly, is not considered a crime) and sleep in the unowned bed.
  • The name of Irroke the Wide's House is misspelled as "Irroki the Wide's House".


Map of Pell's Gate
  1. Shafaye's House
  2. Irroki the Wide's House
  3. The Sleeping Mare
  • Each white dot corresponds directly to a door. All doors are numbered and relate to a Key on the side of the map.