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Oblivion:Lord Drad's Estate

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Lord Drad's Estate
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Console Location Code(s)
LordDradsEstateExterior, LordDradsEstateFarm, LordDradsSlaveQuarters01, LordDradsSlaveQuarters02
Gold Coast
North of Anvil
Lord Drad's Estate

Lord Drad's Estate is a farm and estate north of Anvil (quest-related).

The estate is inhabited by the Dunmer noble Lord Drad and his wife Lady Drad. Lord Drad is building a mine east and uphill of the estate, and has constructed two slave quarters nearby, though these are initially empty. You will be tasked with liberating the slaves from the mine during the related quest.

The estate consists of the manor house, two slave quarters, and some crop fields (including 43 corn stalks, 15 potato plants, 8 strawberry bushes, 10 tobacco plants, and 16 tomato plants). Although the entrance to the manor house is unlocked, entering is considered trespassing; while Lord and Lady Drad will still speak with you, they'd prefer you leave.

Lord Drad's Estate PeopleEdit

Lord Drad's Estate
Lady Drad
Lord Drad

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