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Oblivion:Cloud Ruler Temple

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Cloud Ruler Temple
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Important Treasure
Legend of Krately House
The Doors of Oblivion
The Refugees
The Warp in the West
Console Location Code(s)
CloudRulerTempleExterior, CloudRulerTempleExterior02, CloudRulerTempleGreatHall, CloudRulerTempleWestWing, CloudRulerTempleEastWing, CloudRulerTempleArmory
Jerall Mountains
Northwest of Bruma
Cloud Ruler Temple

Cloud Ruler Temple is a fortified temple northwest of Bruma (quest-related).

The temple's main gate will be locked and require a key to open before bringing Jauffre and Martin to the temple during the main quest (see notes). Upon joining the Blades, taking items in the temple is not considered stealing.

The temple consists of the great hall, the west wing, the east wing, and an armory accessed from the east wing. There is also a stable (with two horses after the quest Weynon Priory, one of which is free to use if you join the Blades) and a training area in the courtyard. Watching the two Blades (Fortis and Pelagius) sparring in the courtyard results in a free skill boost consisting of 2-point bonuses to your Blade and Block skills.

Cloud Ruler Temple Great HallEdit

The great hall is a single room decorated with Akaviri katanas hanging from the ornate supporting pillars and the wall above the fireplace. Two katanas are set apart from the others above the fireplace; one belonged to Captain Renault, and the other to Glenroy, both Blades who died during the Tutorial. If Baurus dies at any point and you talk to Jauffre with Baurus's katana in your hand, he will express his respect for Baurus and will take and place the katana on the wall above the fireplace next to Captain Renault's and Glenroy's.

Along the northern wall is a chair facing the large fireplace. Along the eastern wall is a set of shelves containing clutter and holding two bottles of ale and the Athletics skill book Beggar, two cupboards containing food and drink and holding another bottle of ale, two tables and two chairs, and the unlocked door to the east wing. Along the western wall is a table holding a leek, an onion, and a sample of mandrake root, two tables, a chair, and the unlocked door to the west wing. In the middle of the room are four tables and eight benches. After Martin arrives at the temple and the main quest progresses, a second table is added next to the northeastern of the four central tables, and the following items appear on the two tables: an apprentice calcinator, an apprentice retort, a sample of Daedra silk, a sample of Daedroth teeth, copies of the books Glories and Laments, Modern Heretics, Mysterium Xarxes, The Amulet of Kings, and The Firmament, and copies of the Block, Conjuration, and Light Armor skill books The Warp in the West, The Doors of Oblivion, and The Refugees.

Cloud Ruler Temple West WingEdit

The west wing has two levels, with the unlocked door to the great hall in the stairwell. The downstairs room features six owned bedrolls (which can be freely used after joining the Blades), six chests containing clutter, a set of shelves holding three pieces of clothing and Blades armor including a pair of boots, a pair of gauntlets, two pairs of greaves, and a shield, two racks holding three Akaviri katanas and three Blades helmets, and the locked door to the courtyard.

Upstairs are two rooms with unlocked doors. The room to the east is the grandmaster's chamber, and contains an owned bedroll with a copy of Mixed Unit Tactics nearby, a set of shelves holding a Blades cuirass, a Blades helmet, a bottle of cyrodilic brandy, a monk robe, and a potion of cure disease, and a chair and a desk holding an Akaviri katana, a bread loaf, a cheese wedge, an ear of corn, an onion, and a copy of The Amulet of Kings. The room to the south is the emperor's chamber, and contains an owned double bed, two chairs, a set of drawers containing clothing with two additional pieces of upper-class clothing nearby, a chest, a cupboard, and a desk containing clutter, a table holding a copy of Trials of St. Alessia (after Martin arrives) and a bottle of Surilie Brothers Vintage 399, and a set of shelves holding copies of A Life of Uriel Septim VII, Darkest Darkness, Gods and Worship, and Ten Commands: Nine Divines. Two small stone tables are recessed into the wall on either side of the bed; the eastern table holds a bottle of Surilie Brothers Vintage 399 and a bottle of Tamika Vintage 399, while the western table holds a jewelry box, a flawless ruby, a flawless topaz, a pearl, a potion of detect life, and a strong potion of might.

Cloud Ruler Temple East WingEdit

The east wing is a single room, with the unlocked door to the great hall in the northwestern corner. Along the northern wall is a cupboard containing food, a chair and a table holding a copy of Fundaments of Alchemy, novice alchemy equipment including an alembic, a calcinator, two mortars & pestles, and a retort, a gold nugget, a poison of burden, a poison of clumsiness, and one sample each of cinnabar polypore yellow cap, elf cup cap, emetic russula cap, and garlic, and two chairs and a table holding two bottles of Surilie Brothers wine. Along the eastern wall are four sets of shelves holding fifty books, including the Sneak skill book Legend of Krately House and the rare books Fragment: On Artaeum, Modern Heretics, Remanada, The Last King of the Ayleids, The Legendary Scourge, and The Waters of Oblivion. Along the western wall are two cupboards containing food and drink. In the middle of the room are four benches, three chairs, and three tables holding an Akaviri katana, a Blades helmet, a Blades shield, two bottles of ale, a bottle of beer, two onions, a potato, two samples of rice, a piece of venison, and two books. The short stairwell along the southern wall features the locked door to the courtyard and the unlocked door to the armory.

Temple ArmoryEdit

The armory is a single room, with the unlocked door to the east wing in the southwestern corner. Along the eastern wall is a stool, a training dummy, two sets of shelves holding a Blades cuirass, two pairs of Blades gauntlets, a Blades shield, and four steel shortswords, an "Armory" chest containing an Akaviri dai-katana, an Akaviri katana, a pair of Blades boots, a Blades cuirass, a pair of Blades gauntlets, and a pair of Blades greaves, a decorative armored dummy, and a set of shelves holding three bundles of steel arrows. Along the western wall is a crate containing clutter, a pair of empty racks, a table holding an Akaviri dai-katana and a repair hammer, and a forge area with another repair hammer. In the middle of the room are two tables holding a pair of Blades gauntlets, a pair of Blades greaves, two Blades helmets, and two steel bows. The armory chest is the only container in the temple that won't respawn and is therefore safe for long-term storage.

Cloud Ruler Temple PeopleEdit

Cloud Ruler Temple
Baurus [b][c]
Captain Steffan
Grandmaster Jauffre [a][c]
Martin Septim [a][d]
^aRelocate to the temple after the quest Weynon Priory.
^bRelocates to the temple if still alive after the quest The Path of Dawn.
^cCan die during the quests Defense of Bruma and Light the Dragonfires.
^dDies during the quest Light the Dragonfires.

Quests Starting HereEdit

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  • You can enter the temple before starting the related quests by attacking the patrolling Blade on the battlements with a staff, ranged spell, or arrows. He and the Blade guarding the temple's entrance will rush out to attack, leaving the main gate open. However, the entrances to the great hall and both wings will still be sealed (requiring a key to open). Killing the Blades will provide a full set of Blades armor, but can break the main quest.
  • In the great hall, if you jump above the fireplace to where Renault's katana is placed, you can see it's labeled "Renote's Akaviri Katana", referencing an earlier name for Renault.
  • Cloud Ruler Temple also appears in ESO.