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Find 26 Sanguine items for Eno Hlaalu to receive a nice reward from Mephala.
Quest Giver: Eno Hlaalu at the Morag Tong Guildhall in the Vivec Arena
Location(s): Vvardenfell
Reward: Mephala's Skill
Disposition: +10 Disposition (Eno Hlaalu) for each item returned,
+25 Disposition (Eno Hlaalu) for the last item
Reputation Gain: +5 Morag Tong Faction Reputation for each item returned,
+25 Morag Tong Faction Reputation for the last item
The 27 Sanguine items

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Eno Hlaalu at the Hidden Area in the Vivec Arena about the Threads of the Webspinner and the Sanguine items.
  2. Acquire 26 Sanguine items.
  3. Return to Eno to complete the quest.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Map showing locations of all 27 items (click to enlarge)

Threads of the WebspinnerEdit

Depending on how much exploring of the game you've done, you may have come across a number of Sanguine items that increase various skills when worn. These items are actually part of a collection of 27 created by the Daedra Lord Sanguine for the Morag Tong patron, Mephala. Twenty-six of the items can be found scattered across Vvardenfell - the last, the Amulet of Sanguine Enterprise, is held by the Morag Tong Grandmaster, Eno Hlaalu in Vivec.

The Sanguine ItemsEdit

Speak with Grandmaster Eno Hlaalu about the items and he will tell you that if you return all of the remaining 26, you will receive an elaborate reward from Mephala. You can return the items to Hlaalu at any time, though you must do so before you become Grandmaster of the Morag Tong and he disappears. Most of the Sanguine items are owned by Dark Brotherhood agents and Mehrunes Dagon worshippers who will generally attack you on sight, meaning you are safe from the law. Unfortunately, Eno will only give you the location of two of the items, so you'll have to find the rest yourself.

# Item Skill Owner Location Notes
1 Amulet of Sanguine
Mercantile Eno Hlaalu Vivec Arena This is the one item you don't need to find.
2 Amulet of Sanguine
Glib Speech
Speechcraft Shotherra Thongar's Tradehouse in Khuul Non-hostile, no clues given that she has it. You can taunt her to start the fight.
3 Amulet of Sanguine Nimble Armor Light Armor Severa Magia Ald Sotha northeast of Vivec Encountered during execute Severa Magia quest.
4 Ring of Sanguine
Fluid Evasion
5 Glove of Sanguine
Short Blade
6 Belt of Sanguine
Balanced Armor
Medium Armor Relas Arothan Assernerairan , found on the Underworks level of the St. Olms Canton in Vivec Encountered during Execute Durus Marius quest.
7 Belt of Sanguine
Deep Biting
8 Belt of Sanguine
Block Movis Darys Ald'ruhn Mages Guild You can receive this belt as part of a quest to persuade him to join the Guild. If you can't persuade (or bribe) him, you'll have to kill him, so make him start the fight.
9 Belt of Sanguine
Athletics Hrordis Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad Eno Hlaalu will ask for it directly (one of two Sanguine items he will ask for), if you haven't already gotten it and handed it in to him. Under normal circumstances, you won't be able to persuade Hrordis or steal the belt - or even Taunt her into attacking you, as all she says is "goodbye" - so you are forced to kill her outright. However, if you're diseased, a vampire, or naked, you'll be able to talk to her. Mentioning Hrordis or Sanguine Fleetness will get you nowhere (she'll become annoyed and say goodbye), but mention the magic words Mehrunes Dagon (you'll need to be told about him first) and she'll attack.
10 Belt of Sanguine
Long Blade Durus Marius Assernerairan, found on the Underworks level of St. Olms Canton in Vivec Encountered during execute Durus Marius quest.
11 Belt of Sanguine
12 Belt of Sanguine
Impaling Thrus
Spear Gluronk gra-Shula 2nd floor of Sadrith Mora's Gateway Inn: North Wing. Non-hostile. It's possible to catch her alone and murder her with no witnesses, or taunt her into attacking, though.
13 Belt of Sanguine Martial Craft Armorer Carecalmo Ashalmimilkala on the west coast of Vvardenfell, west of Balmora, north of Hla Oad Encountered during Ultimatum for Carecalmo quest.
14 Belt of Sanguine
Blunt Weapon Domba Ald Daedroth shrine On an island north of the Ahemmusa Camp, and southeast of Dagon Fel.
15 Belt of Sanguine
Stolid Armor
Heavy Armor Mindeli Saren Yasammidan On the far western coast of the mainland, northwest of Gnisis.
16 Glove of Sanguine
Horny Fist
Hand-to-hand Guril Retheran On the bottom level of the Flowers of Gold Cornerclub in the Redoran Canton Encountered during Writ for Guril Retheran quest.
17 Glove of Sanguine
Security Inganar Ularradallaku Found inside the Ghostfence, roughly northeast of Ald'ruhn and just west of Dagoth Ur.
18 Ring of Sanguine
Golden Wisdom
Alteration Talis Veran Ebernanit On the northern coast of the mainland, roughly in the center.
19 Ring of Sanguine
Green Wisdom
Restoration Gnaw Tooth Ald Daedroth shrine On an island north of the Ahemmusa Camp and southeast of Dagon Fel.
20 Ring of Sanguine
Red Wisdom
Destruction Llandrale Varam Ald Sotha, northeast of Vivec. Encountered during Execute Severa Magia quest.
21 Ring of Sanguine
22 Ring of Sanguine
23 Ring of Sanguine
Silver Wisdom
Illusion Earmil Assurnabitashpi, along the northern coast east of Khuul There are two entrances and areas in this shrine, so if you can't find Earmil in one area, try the other.
24 Ring of Sanguine
Sublime Wisdom
Alchemy Anel Rethelas Yasammidan on the far western coast of the mainland, northwest of Gnisis. This is the other one of the two Sanguine items that Eno will explicitly ask for.
25 Ring of Sanguine
Unseen Wisdom
Mysticism Erundil Indoranyon, on the eastern coast, north of Tel Aruhn. Non-hostile, but can be taunted into fighting or simply murdered (there are no witnesses).
26 Shoes of Sanguine
Acrobatics Dro'Zaymar Canal South-Three in the St. Delyn Canton. Non-hostile, but since there are no witnesses, you are relatively safe to do as you please. It is possible to pickpocket the Sanguine item from this NPC (what a Khajiit is doing with shoes in the first place is anyone's guess, since they can't wear them.)
27 Shoes of Sanguine
Sneak Thovasi Alen Assarnatamat Found northeast of Balmora (southeast of Caldera), just inside the Ashlands region.

Non-hostile NPCsEdit

These NPCs are not hostile and have no related quest (see above list for more detail):

  • Dro'Zaymar, Canal South-Three in the St. Delyn Canton
  • Gluronk gra-Shula, 2nd floor of Sadrith Mora's Gateway Inn: North Wing
  • Shotherra, Thongar's Tradehouse in Khuul
  • Erundil, Indoranyon, on the eastern coast, north of Tel Aruhn


Once you turn in all 27 Sanguine items to Eno Hlaalu, you are rewarded with Mephala's Skill, a cheap spell that grants Chameleon 50 pts and Fortify Attack 10 pts for 60 seconds for 30 magicka and never fails. This is the only way of acquiring the Fortify Attack effect for creating custom spells.


  • The two Sanguine items he asks for directly, Belt of Sanguine Fleetness and Ring of Sanguine Sublime Wisdom, can only be returned once you've been given the special duty for them.
  • The items are all clothing, and thus unaffected by Disintegrate Armor, so they will always be worn by the character unless they've got something better. Since you can't pickpocket equipped items, killing them is usually the only option. Many are hostile, and some are subjects of other quests, so you can safely kill them anyhow. But a few are peaceful, and some cannot even be taunted into attacking as they will not speak to you. In this case a Frenzy spell may be your best choice to deal with this quest without incurring a large bounty.
  • Clicking the sanguine enterprise topic may incorrectly report that you've returned all 26 missing threads when you've only returned 25.
  • You may not notice when the Mephala's Skill has been added. Be sure to check your spell list.
  • If you complete all the Morag Tong quests and explore the entire island you will most likely have found 22 Sanguine items. The remaining 4 are in the possession of non-hostile NPCs. If you are extremely meticulous about asking people for rumors you will get vague hints for 2 NPCs (Gluronk gra-Shula and Dro'Zaymar). The remaining 2 have no related quests, no rumors and are not hostile. How one is supposed to deduce they have Sanguine items is anyone's guess. Wearing a constant "Detect Enchantment" item and murdering non-hostile NPCs might be the only way to acquire the final two items. One could assume this quest is not designed to be completed in a normal playthrough without resorting to guides.
  • All of the items you delivered to Eno Hlaalu as part of this quest are stored in his inventory. When you kill him just after finishing this quest, you'll get them back complete for own benefit.
  • Domba and Gnaw Tooth in Ald Daedroth are severely outmatched by the Witchhunters nearby and will most likely die within seconds of your entry into the Right Wing. If you do not loot their bodies before they despawn, you cannot complete this quest.
  • For further reading on the Threads of the Webspinner, see the lore article.
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