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Daedric Ruin:
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# of Zones 1
Daedra Lord Mehrunes Dagon
Worshippers, Daedra
Console Location Code(s)
Yasammidan, Shrine
West Gash, [-15,14]

Yasammidan is a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon far west of Ald Velothi.

Shrine to Mehrunes Dagon

Outside, the shrine is guarded by three leveled Daedric enemies.

Inside, you will find three more leveled Daedric enemies, one Dunmer guard standing near the entrance, and the one other guard at the actual shrine. The ruby on the altar is cursed. The shrine to Mehrunes Dagon can be activated to start his quest.

Related QuestsEdit


Morag TongEdit


  • Four locked chests (Level: 40, 25, 15, 10) are behind the shrine. They contain gold and various potions.
  • A few scrolls and potions lay on top of the table and chests behind the shrine.
  • Just north of Yasammidan is an Unmarked Shipwreck.
  • Yasammidan also appears in ESO.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Anel Rethelas   Dark Elf Crusader 13 132 106 0 90 Wears the Ring of Sanguine Sublime Wisdom
Mindeli Saren   Dark Elf Warrior 17 182 106 0 90 Wears the Belt of Sanguine Stolid Armor


Map of Yasammidan