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Morrowind: Skills
Skill: Spear
Governing Attribute:
Successful Attack: +1.0

The Spear skill permits effective use of long-hafted thrusting weapons like spears and halberds.

Character CreationEdit

The following races receive bonuses to their Spear skill:

No classes have Spear as a Major skill.
The following classes have Spear as a Minor skill:


The Master Trainer of Spear is Mertis Falandas at the Tower of Dusk Lower Level in Ghostgate. There is only one other Spear trainer in the game, Flaenia Amiulusus, at the Guild of Fighters in Balmora (up to 44); see also Spear Trainers.


The following books will increase your Spear skill:


The following factions include Spear as one of their favored skills:


  • The main advantage of using spears is their long reach. With practice and plenty of room to move, it is possible to attack enemies and be out of range of most of their return attacks.
    • Try walking/sneaking backwards (not running) while thrusting.
  • Gaining levels in the Spear skill also contributes to raising Endurance when leveling up. Using a Spear a lot in the early game can allow you to max out Endurance early, giving you more total Health in the long run.
  • Although the Spear skill is 'governed' by Endurance, like all melee weapons they use Strength to influence damage dealt and Agility to influence the chance of hitting.


This is a list of base spears. A complete list of spear-style weapons, including enchanted and unique ones, is also available.

The spear is a common weapon for light irregular troops and militias, but has been developed as a martial art form by the Bosmer. In Morrowind, the Ashlanders favor a wicked and elegant version of the spear, with a spike at the foot of the shaft. - Garothmuk gro-Muzgub

Halberd - The long reach and high efficiency of this two-handed long-shafted axe-like weapon makes it well-suited for combat with encumbered, heavily armored opponents. Using this weapon in massed formations requires a high degree of skill and training, and its bulk makes it difficult to use in close quarters, so the weapon is, with significant exceptions, neither common nor popular for use by mercenaries or adventurers. - Garothmuk gro-Muzgub

Name ID OBWeightIcon small.png OBHealthIcon small.png OBValueIcon small.png Chop Slash Thrust Speed Reach Enchant
Chitin Spear Chitin Spear chitin spear 7.0 500 13 1−2 1−2 5−13 1.0 1.8 2.5
Iron Spear Iron Spear iron spear 14.0 600 20 2−4 2−4 6−15 1.0 1.8 5
Iron Spear Iron Spear Iron Long Spear 14.0 400 20 1−3 1−3 5−20 1.0 1.8 5
Steel Spear Steel Spear steel spear 14.0 1,000 40 2−5 2−5 6−17 1.0 1.8 5
Iron Halberd Iron Halberd iron halberd 14.0 700 40 1−3 1−3 5−20 1.0 1.8 5
Steel Halberd Steel Halberd steel halberd 14.0 1,000 80 1−4 1−4 5−23 1.0 1.8 5
Silver Spear Silver Spear silver spear 11.2 500 80 1−4 1−4 5−23 1.0 1.8 4
Dwarven Spear Dwarven Spear dwarven spear 14.0 1,400 300 2−5 2−5 5−21 1.0 1.8 5
Dwarven Halberd Dwarven Halberd dwarven halberd 24.0 1,000 600 3−17 1−13 5−28 1.0 1.8 7
Ebony Spear Ebony Spear ebony spear 28.0 1,200 10,000 2−8 2−8 5−32 1.0 1.8 10
Glass Halberd Glass Halberd glass halberd 8.4 600 16,000 1−6 1−6 5−38 1.0 1.8 3
Daedric Spear Daedric Spear daedric spear 42.0 1,000 20,000 2−9 2−9 6−40 1.0 1.8 15
Halberds: Dwarven, Glass, Iron, Steel
Spears: Chitin, Daedric, Dwarven, Ebony, Iron, Silver, Steel