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Dwemer Ruin:
Dagoth Ur
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# of Zones 6
Sixth House Cultists
Console Location Code(s)
Akulakhan's Chamber
Dagoth Ur, Facility Cavern
Dagoth Ur, Inner Facility
Dagoth Ur, Inner Tower
Dagoth Ur, Lower Facility
Dagoth Ur, Outer Facility
Red Mountain, [2,8]
Dagoth Ur

Dagoth Ur is a facility located in the Red Mountain region inside the Ghostfence, nearly directly north of Ghostgate, and is marked on your world map.

Dwarven crank and entrance
Lava pools surround Dagoth Ur

Dagoth Ur, the name says it all. This is your final destination in the main quest. Dagoth Ur is also the target of a Tribunal Temple quest to find the Crosier of St. Llothis. Dagoth Ur is divided into six areas: the Outer, Inner, and Lower Facilities, the Inner Tower, the Facility Cavern, and Akulakhan's Chamber. You can enter by activating a crank on a pipe a little bit south of the entrance.

Dagoth Ur Outer FacilityEdit

This is the main entryway to Dagoth Ur, and connects to the Inner Facility. There are two Dagoths (Ienas and Vaner) and three other Ash creatures. A couple of potions, a few ingredients, and a dead adventurer (random gear) can be found within.

Dagoth Ur Inner FacilityEdit

Entered via the Outer Facility, and leads to the Inner Tower and the Lower Facility. There are two Dagoths here (Drals and Rather), a Greater Bonewalker, and two more Ash creatures. In addition to a few potions, a Telvanni Dust Adept Helm, an Imperial Dragonscale Helm, a Master's Probe, some repair tools, and a Demon Longbow, there is a dead warrior who has a Demon Mace, a Blood Feat Shield, and a potion.

Dagoth Ur Inner TowerEdit

Accessible from the Inner Facility. Dagoth Irvyn has taken up residence here. The corpse of Voruse Bethrimo can be found here during a Tribunal Temple quest; the Crosier of St. Llothis is next to the corpse. A Daedric Club can be found here as well.

Dagoth Ur Lower FacilityEdit

The entrance is from the Inner Facility, and this area gives access to the Facility Caverns. There are two Dagoths (Muthes and Gilvoth) and a bonelord. Dagoth Gilvoth is the most powerful of the seven Ash Vampires, most likely the last one to still exist if you have been thorough, and has the Blood Ring. There is also a dead thief, who has a Journeyman's Probe and Lockpick, and a Daedric Shortsword.

Dagoth Ur Facility CavernEdit

Dagoth Ur himself can be found here. The Ring of Azura and the Heart Ring can be found here (the Ring of Azura is a reward for defeating Dagoth Ur, and will only appear on your way out). This area leads to Akulakhan's Chamber.

Akulakhan's ChamberEdit

This is where it all goes down. There are two main enemies here, Dagoth Ur and the Heart of Lorkhan, as well as three Dreamer Workers. There are no items of interest here though. Following the destruction of the heart, this area will undergo a radical alteration—Akulakhan will collapse and descend into the pit.

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

Tribunal TempleEdit


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Voruse Bethrimo Male Dark Elf Buoyant Armiger Tribunal Temple Adept(Adept) 22 0 114 0 30 Inner Tower



Dagoth Ur's Citadel
Map of Dagoth Ur, Outer Facility
Map of Dagoth Ur, Inner Facility
Map of Dagoth Ur, Inner Tower
Map of Dagoth Ur, Lower Facility
Map of Dagoth Ur, Facility Cavern
Map of Akulakhan's Chamber