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The Arena Canton
Above the arena pit

The Arena lies between the Redoran Canton and the Telvanni Canton. Comfortably domed with seats for hundreds of spectators, it is the site of public entertainment and combat sports. The Arena is an ancient place where honorable duels are fought, feuds are settled and matters of succession are decided. The Arena is the staging area for many quest-related duels. Unlike the Imperial City Arena in Oblivion, there are no apparent teams of combatants or scheduled matches.

In addition to the fighting pit itself, the Arena is home to the secret headquarters of the Morag Tong. A variety of trainers are available in the Arena, including two master trainers: Senyndie for Acrobatics and Seanwen for Heavy Armor, both in the Fighters Training area. You may also obtain the rare Frenzy Creature spell from Minnibi Selkin-Adda in the Morag Tong headquarters.

At the WaistworksEdit

  • Arena Fighters Training area, Arena Holding Cells, Arena Fighters Quarters, and Arena Pit.

At the CanalworksEdit

  • The Arena Canalworks has two separate sections. You can only get between them via the Underworks or Waistworks.
  • Storage room. Accessed from the Canalworks, western section. It contains a trapdoor leading to the Morag Tong headquarters, along with Taros Dral and Mephala's Quest.
  • The Underworks itself contains a lone Dreamer.


Arena Storage holds many crates with random loot, only guarded by some rats. It also has a bedroll should you need to rest.

Getting AroundEdit

Arena connects to Redoran, Telvanni and St. Olms Canton through bridges. The Gondola at the northwest corner connects to Hlaalu, Foreign Quarter, Telvanni and Temple Canton.

Map of Vivec's Arena canton


NPC Services Location
Dalse Adren Transport See map
Mevil Molor Trains Athletics; Block; Unarmored Arena Waistworks
Minnibi Selkin-Adda Spell Merchant Arena Waistworks
Rogdul gro-Bularz Trains Acrobatics; Light Armor; Sneak, Merchant for Thieves Tools Arena Waistworks
Seanwen Trains Heavy Armor; Blunt Weapon; Long Blade Arena Waistworks
Senyndie Trains Acrobatics; Hand-to-hand; Sneak Arena Waistworks
Serul Dathren Trains Acrobatics; Hand-to-hand; Sneak Arena Waistworks
Ulmesi Baryon Trains Short Blade; Light Armor; Sneak Arena Waistworks
Ultis Salam Trains Athletics; Long Blade; Block Arena Waistworks

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit


House RedoranEdit

Imperial LegionEdit

  • Saprius Entius: Find and protect this Legion Knight accused of murder.
  • Grandmaster Duel: Achieve the highest rank by dueling with Vantinius in the Arena.

Mages GuildEdit

  • Arch-Mage: Your final quest to replace Trebonius as the guildmaster of the Mages Guild.

Morag TongEdit

Tribunal TempleEdit



Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Alvura Othrenim   Dark Elf Commoner 2 46 82 0 30 Arena Waistworks
Dalse Adren   Dark Elf Gondolier 4 54 86 0 30 Arena [4,-11] Transport
Eno Hlaalu   Dark Elf Assassin Morag Tong Grandmaster(Grandmaster) 28 227 176 90 30 Arena Hidden Area
Farmin   Redguard Warrior 8 120 72 0 30 Arena Waistworks
Mevil Molor   Dark Elf Drillmaster Service 9 94 112 100 30 Arena Fighters Training Trainer
Minnibi Selkin-Adda   Dark Elf Nightblade Service Morag Tong Brother(Brother) 15 93 110 100 30 Arena Hidden Area Spell Merchant
Morusu Varen   Dark Elf Noble 4 53 90 0 30 Arena Pit
Rogdul gro-Bularz   Orc Assassin Service Morag Tong Knower(Knower) 21 154 136 100 30 Arena Hidden Area Trainer; Merchant
Saprius Entius   Imperial Crusader Imperial Legion Champion(Champion) 30 239 144 0 30 Arena Storage
Seanwen   High Elf Master-at-Arms 25 350 140 100 30 Arena Fighters Training Master Trainer
Senyndie   Redguard Monk Service 25 230 98 0 30 Arena Fighters Quarters Master Trainer
Serul Dathren   Dark Elf Monk Service Morag Tong Thinker(Thinker) 17 126 106 100 30 Arena Hidden Area Trainer
Snat gro-Ushug   Orc Commoner 2 58 62 0 30 Arena Pit
Tanusea Veloth   Dark Elf Pilgrim Tribunal Temple Acolyte(Acolyte) 7 86 94 0 10 Arena Pit
Taros Dral   Dark Elf Assassin Morag Tong Brother(Brother) 15 114 140 90 30 Arena Hidden Area
Ulmesi Baryon   Dark Elf Agent Morag Tong Thinker(Thinker) 15 107 110 90 30 Arena Hidden Area Trainer
Ultis Salam   Dark Elf Scout 9 105 98 0 30 Arena Fighters Quarters Trainer
Vilyn Rervam   Dark Elf Pauper 3 50 84 0 30 Arena Pit



Services in the Waistworks