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Reputation is an attribute representing your renown in the world. You earn reputation by the deeds you do while completing quests and your reputation can only increase, never decrease. The primary function of reputation is increasing the ease and effectiveness of persuading others. Additionally, 50 Reputation is one of the requirements to enable a possible shortcut in the Main Quest.

Faction ReputationEdit

Separate from your general Reputation are your Faction Reputations with the various Factions in the game. Unlike general Reputation, these can both increase and decrease. Generally, performing quests for one faction will raise your Faction Reputation for that faction. There are a few quests where in addition to this increase, you will get lower reputation with another group (e.g. performing Mages Guild quests will increase your Mages Guild Reputation, but may lower your Reputation with House Telvanni). Additionally, you may lose Reputation in factions of which you are a member if you fail quests (e.g. killing the person you were supposed to protect). Your Faction Reputation is a requirement for advancement.


This is a list of all quests that will increase your general Reputation.

Main QuestEdit

Total: 42

House HlaaluEdit

Total: 17

House RedoranEdit

Total: 13

House TelvanniEdit

Total: 18

Imperial CultEdit

Total: 18/19

Tribunal TempleEdit

Total: 14

Morag TongEdit

Total: 13

Imperial LegionEdit

Total: 1

Mages GuildEdit

Total: 14

Other QuestsEdit

Total: 22

* These points can be earned without being a member of the faction that gives the quest.

Grand Total: 173

Note that this 'Grand Total' amount is not obtainable during normal game-play. Becoming a member of one of the three great houses (Hlaalu, Redoran, and Telvanni) excludes you from becoming a member of the other two. There are, however, some quests within each house that can be completed without being a member of that house. This allows for a maximum possible value of 150 without glitches, mods, or console commands, and requires selecting House Telvanni.