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The Threads of the Webspinner

The Threads of the Webspinner are 27 pieces of extravagant enchanted clothing and jewelry associated with both Mephala and Sanguine. The story goes that Mephala sought to reward her devoted followers within the Morag Tong, and turned to Sanguine to create them.[1] Each Thread enhances a single skill, such as weapon skills, speechcraft, and magic.


At an unknown time, the Dark Brotherhood stole the Threads of the Webspinner from the Morag Tong, but Mephala's subtle manipulations would draw them back into Morrowind in 3E 427.[1] The Brotherhood gained a foothold in both Morrowind's mainland, and in the island of Vvardenfell, with those stationed on the island having the artifacts. On Vvardenfell, they negotiated with the cult of Mehrunes Dagon so they could be sheltered by them in their associated Daedric ruins throughout Vvardenfell. Eno Hlaalu, Grandmaster of the Morag Tong, took notice and began ordering an assassin to wipe out the strongholds of the Brotherhood, and recovering the threads. Eno heard about a powerful Dagonite, an Altmer by the name of Carecalmo, whose influence with the cult of Mehrunes Dagon was great, and ordered the agent to offer an ultimatum to the him to stop providing refuge for the Brotherhood, but the cultist attacked the agent of Mephala for daring to command him. One of the Threads was recovered from Carecalmo's corpse and given to Eno Hlaalu for safekeeping.[2]

The assassin would continue recovering the Threads for the Tong and wiping out the Brotherhood and the Dagonites from Vvardenfell. The culmination of this task was the writ of execution being issued for Severa Magia, the Night Mother of the Dark Brotherhood. The assassin was sent to the ruins of Ald Sotha, which served as the headquarters of the Brotherhood in Vvardenfell. There, the Tong infiltrated the ruins and executed the Severa Magia, which helped to put an end to the Dark Brotherhood's activities on Vvardenfell. From the aftermath of the battle, the Tong liberated six Threads of the Webspinner.[3]

After eradicating the Dark Brotherhood and the Dagonites from Vvardenfell, the Threads given to Eno Hlaalu for safekeeping, and was blessed with Mephala's skill as a reward.[4] In their desire to advance to the rank of Grandmaster, it's unknown if the assassin allowed Eno Hlaalu to live and retire to Vounoura, and take the Threads with him, or slew him to advance per tradition, and retrieved the Threads for themselves.[5]

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