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Halfway Tavern
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Proprietor Drelasa Ramothran
Console Location Code(s)
Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern
Pelagiad, [0,-7]
The Halfway Tavern

The Halfway Tavern is the social gathering place in Pelagiad.

Drelasa Ramothran offers sundries and beds for ten gold a night. If you are male, Ahnassi can give you a series of quests. Ladia Flarugrius offers services only to members of the Thieves Guild. Nelos Onmar is involved in an unexpected romance. Upstairs you will find Hrordis, a cult worshipper of Mehrunes Dagon, who has a nasty temper and an enchanted belt.


  • You can learn more about where to find the Thieves Guild by speaking to Ahnassi here.
  • If you progress far enough in Ahnassi's quest, she'll be at her house instead, waiting for you.
  • There is a small amount of gold under the closet in one locked room and an iron tanto under the back edge of the bed in the other locked room at the end of the hallway.

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House HlaaluEdit

My, what nice belt you have...

Mages GuildEdit

Morag TongEdit



Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Ahnassi   Khajiit Monk Service Thieves Guild Toad(Toad) 9 106 23 100 30 Trainer
Drelasa Ramothran   Dark Elf Publican 8 71 122 100 30 Merchant
Hrordis   Nord Sorcerer 15 121 148 0 40
Ladia Flarugrius   Imperial Savant Service Thieves Guild Footpad(Footpad) 7 70 122 100 30 Trainer; Merchant
Nelos Onmar   Dark Elf Rogue 12 111 98 0 30
Samia   Wood Elf Sorcerer 10 81 144 0 30
Yakum Hairshashishi   Dark Elf Rogue 4 59 84 90 30