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Morrowind: Skills
Skill: Athletics
Governing Attribute:
1 second of Swimming: +0.03
1 second of Running: +0.02

The Athletics skill trains and conditions one for running and swimming. Skilled athletes move short and long distances over land with speed and efficiency, and they also swim swiftly underwater.

Character CreationEdit

The following races receive bonuses to their Athletics skill:

The following classes have Athletics as a Major skill:

The following classes have Athletics as a Minor skill:


The Master Trainer of Athletics is Adibael Hainnabibi, who can be found at his yurt at Kaushtababi Camp. Other trainers of note are:

See Athletics Trainers for the complete list.


The following factions include Athletics as one of their favored skills:


  • While Athletics increases a character's running and swimming speed, it has no effect on walking speed or levitation speed.
  • You can effortlessly train Athletics by toggling on Autowalk while facing a wall. This will passively increase Athletics skill without your character accidentally walking into trouble. A more effective way to do this is to swim towards a wall; a well-suited place for this is the river running through Balmora. A third way is to enchant a ring (expensive is suitable) with constant water walking, and then run on the water away from Vvardenfell. There would seem to be no enemies that far out. Just make certain you can teleport back.