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Morrowind:The Flowers of Gold

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The Flowers of Gold
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Proprietor Sorosi Radobar
Console Location Code(s)
Vivec, The Flowers of Gold
Vivec, Redoran, [3,-11]
The Flowers of Gold

The Flowers of Gold is an inn in Redoran Canton of Vivec. It is located in the eastern end of the Waistworks. The publican, Sorosi Radobar, offers food, drinks, and beds to all visitors.

Inside the inn

The inspiration of the tavern is apparent when entering; pots of Gold Kanet Flowers are scattered about the whole place. The bed which you may rent is in the room across the entrance, on the right wall. The two people downstairs are both associated with quests.

Related QuestsEdit

Morag TongEdit

House RedoranEdit


Name   Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Guril Retheran   Dark Elf Assassin House Redoran Lawman(Lawman) 13 119 136 90 30
Rothis Nethan   Dark Elf Savant 9 79 130 50 0
Sorosi Radobar   Dark Elf Publican 12 92 136 100 30 Merchant
Talis Drurel   Dark Elf Barbarian House Redoran Retainer(Retainer) 9 103 92 90 30 Trainer